Epson Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounts

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Ceiling mounts provide an excellent means of positioning the projector to achieve the optimal image size for your screen or viewing surface

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ELPFP13 Extension Pole - 450mm V12H003P13 $96.00
ELPFP14 Extension Pole - 918mm to 1,168mm V12H003P14 $139.00
ELPMB22 Ceiling Mount V12H003B22 $257.00 Out of stock
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ELPMB23 Ceiling Mount V12H003B23 $236.00 Out of stock
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ELPMB30 Low Profile Ceiling Mount V12H526040 $247.00
ELPMB45 Wall Mount for Short Throw projectors V12H706040 $161.00 Out of stock
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ELPMB60 Ceiling Mount V12H963010 $199.00
FTU Wall Mount ELPMB63 V12HA05A09 $86.00
Projector Wall Mount - ELPMB62 V12HA06A06 $189.00
Wall Mount ELPMB64 V12HA39010 $161.00
Wall Mount - ELPMB75 ELPMB75 $260.00