Epson Discproducer - Cost per Disc

By selecting the appropriate ink duty setting, you can maximize the Yields and achieve low Costs per Disc from a set of ink cartridges with the Epson Discproducer.

When printing CD/DVD labels select the print mode setting

  1. Quality/Colour/High Speed for a graphic pattern, or

  2. Speed/Colour/High Speed for a text pattern

in the printer driver and print more discs from a set of ink cartridges than when printing using “CD/DVD Premium Label” in the printer driver.

Check out these impressive ink cartridge yields and the consequent cost-per-disc when using the Epson Discproducer.

Cost per disc*

Cost per Disc –
Graphic pattern
Cost per Disc –
Text pattern
Price of each Ink Cartridge
(suggested retail price inc. gst)
$ 0.10
$ 0.01
$ 47


Number of discs per set of cartridges*


Ink Cartridge
Graphic Pattern
Text Pattern
Light Cyan
Light Magenta
Average of each ink Cartridge (pieces)


*Important Notes
The above data is based on Epson’s internal testing in a continuous print mode with the life of each ink cartridge evaluated until the cartridge runs out and the printer stops printing. The respective empty cartridge is then replaced and the printing is resumed to evaluate the result on the remaining cartridges. The printing condition used in determining the maximum number of printed discs was; Celeron M520 Computer, Windows XP Professional, USB 2.0 (High Speed), Driver settings : As per print conditions mentioned below, Application Software : Total Disc Maker version 1.50.

The number of printed disks will vary depending on print settings, images printed, printing spaces, printing environments such as systems, temperature, humidity and so on, or frequency of manual cleaning. To protect the ink head and keep print quality, each colour ink is regularly consumed for cleaning.

Print Conditions
Graphic Pattern
Text Pattern
Environmental Condition Room temperature / 35% Humidity Room temperature / 35% Humidity
Label Type CD/DVD Label CD/DVD Label
Print Mode Setting Quality/Color/High Speed Quality/Color/High Speed
Disc Used ‘ALL-WAYS’ brand
(Product : ‘CDR80APL52X50PW’)
‘ALL-WAYS’ brand
(Product : ‘CDR80APL52X50PW’)


Calculation for the cost of printing a disk:

Price of an ink cartridge x (1/Maximum number of printed disks for BK+1/Maximum number of printed disks for C+1/Maximum number of printed disks for M +1/Maximum number of printed disks for Y+1/Maximum number of printed disks for LC +1/Maximum number of printed disks for LM).

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