Dedicated SurePress RIP Software

Epson EdgePrint Label enables highly precise colour matching with SurePress and spectrophotometers for high levels of automation and the ability to match corporate and other specific colour requests from customers. Bundled with SurePress, which offers one of the widest colour gamuts available, Epson EdgePrint Label delivers what your customers need, including spot colours.

Simple operation / Intuitive layout

frequently used functions
Frequently used functions are available on the top screen

Step 1

Data selection

Step 2

Image preview

Step 3

Editing and processing

Following the steps from editing to printing

Simple, fast spot colour reproduction

By correcting the difference between the target colour and the printed colour, you can achieve highly precise colour reproductivity.

measure the reference colour

Measure the reference colour

(actual materials/colour chip)

print chart on substrate and measure the colour

Print dedicated chart on the target substrate with SurePress and measure the printed colour.

print labels and check the colour

Print labels on the target substrate and check the printed colour.

(minimise the colour variation caused by substrate and reproduce the target colour)

*Profile settings must be configured for each material in advance. *only supports print data which includes the spot colour name.

Simple multi-layer printing – single click white layers

White layer data is generated automatically. You can reduce the time required to create white layer data without editing the master print data.

multi-layer printing function
layer order

Determine the arrangement order for layers

select which layer to be white

Automatic generation of white layer


Check via preview

Supports Adobe PDF Print Engine

Adobe PDF print
Equipped with Adobe PDF Print Engine 5. High-speed, high-quality data reproduction for safer and more secure printing.

Compatible models

Model Spectrophotometer
i1 Pro2/i1 Pro3
i1 Studio (limited functionality)

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