Why buy genuine?

What you need to know

Who wants to spend time thinking about their printer? It should just work. We've developed our inks and printers to work in harmony, so that they'll do just that and give you consistent and reliable results without any fuss. That's because we invest in extensive research, high-tech manufacturing facilities and put our products through rigorous tests.

But naturally, we can't say the same for inks that we've not created. There's no assurance from Epson that so-called compatible inks or remanufactured cartridges will deliver.

Are you willing to put yourself at risk of unreliable yields and poor prints? Or worse, the cartridges failing to work or the printer breaking? Secure yourself against potential printing pitfalls by using genuine Epson ink.

Genuine ink
Compatible ink
Remanufactured ink
Researched and developed by Epson
Manufactured in Epson's high-tech clean room facilities
Tested and approved by Epson
Protected by Epson printer warranty

The solution

There's a really simple way to ensure you can print easily and get consistent results by using Epson's genuine inks which are tested and approved. Let us explain what makes our high-performance and reliable inks so special.

What are the risks with non-genuine inks?

We want you to always have a trouble-free printing experience. That's why we're highlighting the potential issues you could encounter with non-genuine inks.

Imagine needing to print a flight ticket and it fails to work because the nozzles have clogged or the printer is unable to recognise the cartridge. Or worse, the cartridge has arrived broken before you've even had a chance to get started.

Non-genuine inks aren't designed and tested by Epson, which means that your printer could be vulnerable to malfunctions that are not covered by your printer warranty.

How to buy genuine ink

Have you ever walked round and round a shop trying to find your printer's ink, only to realise that you've forgotten your printer model name? Or do you prefer to shop online?

Whether you shop online or prefer to pick up your ink in-store, we've made buying the correct ink for your printer fuss-free.

Find the right ink in-store

Your trip to the shop can now be swift and straightforward. Thanks to Epson's clear and informative packaging, you'll be able to quickly identify the right ink for your printer. We've also made it simple to pick the right size cartridge for your needs, and check the page yield before you buy. Hover over the pack to find out more.

Epson's logo

Our logo is clearly displayed on the pack to help you find our inks in-store. You can feel safe in knowing that you're buying our reliable, easy-to-use, genuine inks when you see our brand.

Ink family image

Forget needing to remember your printer model; each ink belongs to a family so you only have to look for the family image. It makes it quick and easy to find your ink, as you can look for the pack image, rather than a printer model. Check your user guide to find out which ink family you need for your Epson printer.

Pack code and capacity indicator

To suit the frequency of your printing, choose a cartridge size that fits with your needs. Just look for the capacity indicator shown here.


Our ink packs also details the printers that the cartridges are compatible with.

Pack contents

You can see which color inks are included in the pack.

1 Research carried out by Epson in December 2015 (n=1,800). Epson printer owners were asked; "how satisfied are you with the quality of your printing using genuine Epson ink cartridges." A cumulative total of 89.8% scored 6 or above, considered as being "very satisfied".