Epson Optional B3 CTP Plate Adapter

Epson Optional B3 CTP Plate Adapter

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Redefining the Future of Computer to Plate

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Computer To Plate adapter kits can be added to selected Epson Large Format Printers. When attached to a compatible StylusPro they enable precision output on special aluminium plates that can then be loaded into an analogue press.

This simple and flexible CTP solution has been designed to enable rapid and cost-effective turnaround on short print runs. The Epson plates come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit presses from all leading vendors.

Once punched the plates can be loaded directly onto a press for print runs of 1-5k copies. If processed through an optional fixing unit prior to mounting they will support print runs of 10-20k copies. For additional details and advice on appropriate RIP software to drive the system please contact Epson or an Authorised Large Format CTP Dealer.

Important Note: Installation of the adapter kit does not interfere with normal printer operation. The printer can be used for additional proofing and poster work when not required for plate printing.

This kit is compatible with the StylusPro 7890, 7900, 9890 & 9900. It supports plates up to 8mil gauge and 500mm wide (for larger plate support see CTPA2KIT).