Epson Optional Duplex Feeder

Large Format Options

When fitted to a D1060 printer this option enables operation with double sided SureLab sheet media. It ships as a set of components complete with a pull-out tray that sits under the printer and holds up to 100 sheets sized from 4x6 to 210x210mm. It can be purchased with the printer or added subsequently. It is simple to install but requires the use of a screwdriver to facilitate mounting.

With high print volumes selected components in this kit may require periodic replacement. Rollers will become damaged over time with the rate of wear dependant on a range of factors including the media selection and media loading (use of incorrect &/or heavy media and poor loading leading to excessive jams will exacerbate issues). A kit is available that enables user replacement please see C13S210124

Product Code:C12C936001

Designed for the Following Printers  
SureLab D1060 - Dry-film Minilab