Epson UltraChrome RS 1.5L Cleaning Liquid Pouch

Large Format Ink Cartridges

If the printer incorporates Maintenance Liquid then Cleaning Liquid is generally not required for normal operation. This product may be needed if printers have to be transported or shut down for extended periods. Cleaning liquid may also be needed if print heads become clogged or ink lines need flushing. Customers are recommended to consult their user manual and speak with an Epson service engineer before ordering.

Important: pouches are designed for use in nominated models and are generally not interchangeable; this pouch is compatible with the SC-R5000 and SC-R5000L. Pouches should be transported and stored away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place (-20°~40°C). They should be shaken well before insertion, installed before the best before date printed on the pack and consumed within one year of initial insertion.

Product Code:C13T45X100

Designed for the Following Printers  
SureColor R5000 - 64" RESIN  
SureColor R5000L - 64" RESIN