Epson SD-10 Spectrophotometer

SD-10 Spectrophotometer

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SD-10 Spectrophotometer

Our price: $1,395.00 inc GST

SD-10 with 3 years on-site cover*

Our price: $1,495.00 inc GST

SD-10 with 5 years on-site cover*

Our price: $1,579.00 inc GST

Sensor Custom MEMS Fabry-Perot type with tuneable filter
Spectral Range  400~700 nm
Sampling  20 nm actual, 10 nm via software interpolation
Aperture 7.6 mm
Protection Integrated lens cover
Type LED multi-spectrum (including UV)
Arrangement Annular
Conditions Off/On (45oC)
Measurement Frequency 13 per second
Max Scan Length 400 mm
Accuracy  0.4 or less (∆E0 average @ 23oC)
(ISO 13655:2017)
M0 including UV light component
M1e D50 including UV light component
M2 without UV
Calibration Automatic with integrated white test tile

Spot, spot comparison, group scanning & comparison

Integrated Display

Shows LAB values with delta

Added Features

Data stored with time and date stamps
Recall data and compare against new readings
Values displayed in LAB,LCH, LRV, HEX, RGB & CMYK formats
Compare data with reference material including Pantone
Seek closest colour matches within reference material
Produce a gamut map with in/out markers
Export data to a PC
(Some functions require the Epson Spectrometer app)

Control Panel Colour LCD with push button control
Bluetooth &
USB2.0 full-speed (type C connector)
Battery 1860 mAh lithium ion (charges via USB)
Memory Short Term: Up to 500 readings
Long Term: 100 readings

Epson Spectrometer app (Android/iOS, free download)

Integrates with Epson Edge Print V4.1 or later
(requires separate purchase)

Operational Temp 0° to 45° C (15-30° C recommended)
Operational Humidity 5% to 85% with no condensation (30-70% recommended)
Storage -20° to 60° C @5% to 85% humidity with no condensation
Power 5V @ 0.9A
Physical Size

35 x 80 x 80 mm (WxDxH), 190 g


169 x 163 x 93 mm (WxDxH), 678 g

Spectrophotometer, USB cable, carry case, hand strap and certification documentation


B41CK17401 SD-10 Spectrometer with 1Yr Warranty
SD103YR SD-10 Spectrometer with 1Yr Wty + 2Yr CoverPlus (3yr total cover)
SD105YR SD-10 Spectrometer with 1Yr Wty + 4Yr CoverPlus (5yr total cover)

* Epson CoverPlus enables service cover to be extended. One or more CoverPlus Packs can be ordered in conjunction with the various product configurations to extend cover by 1, 2, 3 and 4 year periods (total Warranty + CoverPlus cannot exceed 5 years). Service and support is only provided for product supplied through Epson Australia or Epson New Zealand. Limitations apply to both Warranty and CoverPlus with service potentially restricted or cancelled should equipment be used &/or stored inappropriately. For full details on coverage, terms and conditions please review the warranty and CoverPlus statements documented on this web-site. If you have any subsequent questions please contact Epson directly for clarification.

Usage Conditions
Epson products are designed and made to give highly reliable use and long life when used according to its specifications. With any system, product or device used in situations where human life may be involved or at risk, Epson advises that you should take all necessary steps to ensure the suitability of your Epson product for inclusion in your system, and recommends that you include fail-safe procedures and redundancy support or backup equipment in your system, to maintain the maximum safety margin and optimum system reliability. Examples include but are not limited to ⚊ do not interfere with any electrical components within the device, do not use items supplied with the product for purposes other than as intended by Epson (ie mains cords, inks, CDs, plastic wrapping) and do not make modifications to the product.