Epson SureColor F7200 - 64"

SureColor F7200 - 64

Max Media Width 64 inch (1625.6mm)
Print Head 10 channel PrecisionCore™ TFP with VSDT
Print Modes Uni & Bi-directional
Nozzle Configuration 360 x 2 per colour
Maximum Resolution 720 x 1440dpi
Family Epson Ultrachrome® DS
Type Dye Sublimation
Colours C+Y+M+Bk / C+Y+M+HDk
Supply 4 x 1.5L Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
Refills 1L packs (shipped in individual colour cartons of 6x1L)
Normal Mode Draft 58.9m2/hr 1 Pass 360 x 720dpi
Normal Mode Fast Production 30.3m2/hr 2 Pass 720 x 720dpi
Normal Mode Production 1 22.2m2/hr 3 Pass 720 x 720dpi
Normal Mode Production 2 16.2m2/hr 4 Pass 720 x 720dpi
Normal Mode Production 3 11.1m2/hr 6 Pass 720 x 1440dpi
Normal Mode Production 4 8.2m2/hr 8 Pass 720 x 1440dpi
HQ Mode Production 1 13.8m2/hr 4 Pass 720 x 720dpi
HQ Mode Production 2 9.4m2/hr 6 Pass 720 x 1440dpi
HQ Mode Production 3 6.9m2/hr 8 Pass 720 x 1440dpi
Speeds shown are bi-directional engine only for 64" wide output. They are provided for reference only; different RIPs may not offer all modes/speeds and some may offer alternatives not listed in the above. Total job throughput times will depend on a number of factors including workflow, paper type, RIP, file format & size, print resolution, ink coverage, networking, heat press equipment, etc.
Format Single roll with 2" or 3" core, 250mm max diameter & 40Kg max weight
Thickness 0.08-1mm (75gsm or greater)
Width 300-1625.6mm
Margins 5mm left & right (10mm when using media holding plates)
Loading Spindle-less, single operator rear mounting with ATC
Output Sheets (manual cutting) or rolls with +/2.5mm winding accuracy on the ATU
Control Panel 2.5” Colour LCD
Interface High Speed USB 2.0 & Ethernet 100Base-T/1000Base-T
Included Software Epson Edge Print, Windows Communications Driver, EpsonNet Setup, EpsonNet Config. and EpsonNet Print (CD), and Epson LFP RemotePanel2 (Web download)
Optional Software Ergosoft RIP Version 15 (Epson Essential or Production Editions)
Additional compatible software
Memory 512 MB Main + 128MB Network
Media Output Heater Modes Selectable temperature (Off, 30° to 55°C)
Operational Temp 15°-35° (15°-25° recommended when using HDk ink)
Operational Humidity 20 to 80% with no condensation (40-60% recommended)
Power Supply 5A, 240V, 50/60 Hz AC
Power Consumption 460W Operating (heater on), 10W Sleep (heater off, 1000Base-T Interface)
Operating Noise 59dB
Printer (with CISS, no ink) 2620 x 1013 x 1314mm (WxDxH), 274kg
Recommended Operation Space 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.8m (WxDxH)
Packaging Printer: 3.12 x 1.09 x 0.86m, 320Kg
Stand & CISS: 3.10 x 1.06 x 0.64m, 135Kg
Printer & Stand boxes must be shipped straight & level
Media is shipped separately
Starter ink must be ordered separately
Printer, Substrate Support System (SSS), Power Cords, Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), 1 x 64" Roll of Epson Transfer Media, 1 x Waste Ink Bottle, 1 x Maintenance Kit, Epson Edge Print Software (CD), Installation/Safety manual, Utility & User manual (CD). Some configurations include additional Ergosoft RIP software (Epson Essential or Production Editions).

Ergosoft is one of the world’s premier RIP solutions for fabric, soft and hard signage work. The software features an advanced RIP engine with precision colour management. The Epson Edition has been configured specially for the SureColor-F series with custom drivers and features normally only available as optional add-ons. The F7200 can be ordered with the Essential or Production versions. The Essential version is designed for flexible high-quality ad-hoc work. It includes features such as Tiling & Shrinkage Correction, no-gap Repeat Printing, Custom Linearization, Automatic Colour Replacement, Image add-ons, Position Templates & Image Pre-sets. The Production version is designed for premium and high volume work. It includes all the feature of the Standard package with additional Colour Profiling, Job Costing, Proofing, Ticketing, Quality tracking, Step & Repeat printing, and Hot Folder batch processing. Both versions provide support for a range of file formats including Postscript II/III, PDF (X-3), EPS, AI TIFF, BMP, PNG & JPEG.
A Personal Computer will be required for installation and operation of this printing system. The PC should have a minimum Intel Core i3 /AMD Phenom 2 or equivalent processor (2.5Ghz i5 or greater with separate GPU recommended), 8GB or more memory, a 250GB or larger HDD (1TB recommended), running Windows Vista 32bit or greater (Win 7 64bit/Win 8 recommended). A DVD drive with +/-RW read support and a network with external Web access will be required for installation. For optimum performance it is recommended that 1000Base-T Ethernet networking be employed. High speed web access and an off-line storage facility with DVD+/-RW write support is recommended for operation with the ErgoSoft RIP.

The use of a 3rd party ancillary heater/ blower unit is recommended with this machine, particularly for high speed work. The typical operational environment will also involve either a flat or calendar style heat press of appropriate size. Please speak with your dealer for recommendations.
SCF72001Y Printer with 1Yr Warranty
SCF72003Y Printer with 1Yr Warranty & 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Pack (3 yrs cover in total)**
SCF72005Y Printer with 1Yr Warranty & 2 x 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Pack (5 yrs cover in total)**
SCF7200ESS1Y Printer with 1Yr Warranty & ErgoSoft RIP (Essential Edition)
SCF7200ESS3Y Printer with 1Yr Wty, & 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Pack** (3 yrs total on-site service cover) & ErgoSoft RIP (Essential Edition) 
SCF7200ESS5Y Printer with 1Yr Wty, & 2 x 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Packs** (5 yrs total on-site service cover) & ErgoSoft RIP (Essential Edition)
SCF7200PRO1Y Printer with 1Yr Warranty & ErgoSoft RIP (Production Edition)
SCF7200PRO3Y Printer with 1Yr Wty, & 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Pack** ( 3 yrs total on-site service cover) & ErgoSoft RIP (Production Edition) 
SCF7200PRO5Y Printer with 1Yr Wty, & 2 x 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Pack** ( 5 yrs total on-site service cover) & ErgoSoft RIP (Production Edition)
C12C890941 Bk Starter Ink Pack – 4 Colour x 1L
C12C932111 HDk Starter Ink Pack – 4 Colour x 1L
1YWF7200 1Yr CoverPlus On-Site Service Pack**
2YWF7200 2Yr CoverPlus On-Site Serive Pack**
**Printers are covered by a comprehensive 1 year warranty that covers all non-consumable parts (Including Print Heads) & labour with free-on-site service in all metro areas (regional locations will attract an additional travelling charge). Cover can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years through purchase of optional CoverPlus packages. Important: Cover may be restricted or denied if the user does not perform maintenance & cleaning as outlined in the user guide &/or advised by Epson Australia or New Zealand, if equipment is used outside of specification &/or with non-Epson consumables. Please refer to the warranty section of this web site for details and contact Epson or one of our Authorised Resellers if you have questions.

Usage Conditions
Epson products are designed to give highly reliable use and long life when used according to specifications. With any product or device used in situations where human life may be involved or at risk, Epson advises that you should take all necessary steps to ensure the suitability of your Epson product for inclusion in your system, and recommends that you include fail-safe procedures and redundancy support or backup equipment in your system, to maintain the maximum safety margin and optimum system reliability. Examples include but are not limited to ⚊ do not interfere with any electrical components within the device, do not use items supplied with the product for purposes other than as intended by Epson (ie mains cords, inks, CDs, plastic wrapping), do not make modifications to the product, take care with the use of 3rd party consumables, consult Epson if you have any questions or concerns.