History of Lightfast Prints

Epson Stylus PHOTO 1200

Since the introduction of the first Epson Stylus Colour desktop printer in 1994, Epson's goal has been to improve our printers (big and small) to the point that prints would have the image quality of traditional silver halide photos. With the introduction of the Epson Stylus PHOTO 1200 desktop printer in 1998, many professionals felt we had achieved or surpassed that goal.

Epson's leading edge improvements in lightfastness generated a greater focus by Epson and others on other potential causes of colour shifts. The effects of ozone and similar contaminants on ink jet prints have not been well understood because ink jet prints were previously so susceptible to light induced fading. Epson is now vigorously investigating the effects of ozone and other contaminants so that we can offer users even longer lasting, more durable prints.

Epson Stylus PHOTO 1200

For the professional photographer, the Epson Stylus PRO 7500, Stylus PRO 9500 and Stylus PRO 10600CF offer revolutionary levels of durability and lightfastness up to 200 years, using ColorFast ink technology. For indoor display conditions, Epson recommends that prints be framed under glass or laminated to protect prints from atmospheric contaminants (such as cigarette smoke) that will damage any paper print over years of display.

Epson's new UltraChrome Ink is an improved version of Epson's Archival ColorFast ink and was developed for the latest generation of inkjet professional printers. Epson's UltraChrome ink is one of the most important advances made in printing.

Epson Stylus PHOTO 1200

UltraChrome achieves superb colour expression on a variety of media. The increased colour gammut was made possible by increasing the density of the pigment content in the ink, which also provides for a much wider range of media support.

Even with greater pigment density, each particle has an extremely smooth and uniform resin coating, ensuring superbly sharp image reproduction on both specialty media and plain paper along with marked improvements in light and water resistance. UltrChrome ink is used in the STYUS PRO 4000, Stylus PRO 7600, Stylus PRO 9600 and Stylus PRO 10600UC.