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H&R Block Chooses Epson Replaceable Ink Pack System Printing Solution

December 2016

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC

SYDNEY, 13 December 2016 – For H&R Block in Mudgee, a company that prints in excess of 40,000 documents every year, their choice of in-office printing solution is a critical one for the efficiency and success of the organisation. Recently the company did a full evaluation of available printing solutions and made the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC their system of choice.

H&R Block Mudgee’s Jim Dryburgh explained, “When you print over 40,000 documents a year you have to look at your printing costs and we did. We also looked at getting one central printer as opposed to several ones scattered throughout the office, but in saying that, again, the costs had to work for us. When we did the evaluation we realised we could replace all of our existing printers with the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC and it would work out at one cent per page as opposed to seven cents we were currently paying moving forward.”

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC workgroup printer enables the H&R Block team to benefit from the increased productivity of a local distributed print fleet that requires minimal intervention, while providing predictable print costs.

Such is the efficiency of the Epson Replaceable Ink Pack System Printing Solution (RIPS) the office can now print up to 75,000 pages in black or 75,000 pages in colour without replacing the ink1 thanks to this printer's super-high-yield ink supply units.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC

Dryburgh continued, “When you do your research you find that Epson RIPS printers for offices like ours are very hard to beat. The life of the ink, the sheer volume they print and at such a low cost makes the decision a no-brainer. We really did look at all the different manufacturers’ offerings including laser but when you added up the cost of a laser printer plus all of the toner it was simply more expensive than the Epson RIPS solution. We also wanted to get away from the messiness of toner and move towards the simplicity of an inkjet solution so the WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC was ideal.”

Another thing that appealed to Dryburgh was the fact that RIPS ink supply units are low intervention and virtually eliminate time wasting interruptions. Supplies management is made simple and supplies waste is greatly reduced, thereby resulting in lower IT support costs.

He added, “We use our WF-R8590TC a lot, particularly for multi-page, double-sided tax returns, working pages and all sorts of office administration. We just cannot go paperless. So bearing this in mind, the single standout benefit of the Epson WF-R8590TC RIPS solution is the cost of running it and the amount of prints it provides us with before we have to change ink. That said the printer is incredibly reliable despite our heavy usage and we haven’t had a single problem with it since we purchased it. There are other practical benefits too such as the multi-tray printing function which we use for envelopes, letterheads and invoices.”

It’s clear for Jim Dryburgh and the H&R Block Mudgee office their choice of an Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC RIPS solution has been a qualified success as he concluded, “Cost effective to buy and run, fast and reliable the WF-R8590TC RIPS solution is perfect for our office. It also connects to the network very easily which means we can scan and share documents simply and efficiently. I cannot think of a better all round office printing solution.”

1 R24X Black ink pack prints about 75,000 pages. R24X Colour Packs print about 75,000 pages on average. Actual number of pages will vary. Replacement ink pack yields are based on testing with ISO/IEC 24712 patterns with Epson’s methodology in Default mode, printing continuously. Yields may vary considerably for reasons that include images printed, print settings, temperature and humidity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink colour. All ink colours are used for printing and printer maintenance. For print quality, part of the ink from the included cartridges or ink packs is used for printer startup and a variable amount of ink remains in the ink pack after the "replace ink pack" signal appears.

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H&R Block Mudgee’s new Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC RIPS printing solution.

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