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PrintEx sees Epson launch SureColor F6360 44" dye-sublimation printer

August 2019

PrintEx sees Epson launch SureColor F6360 44” dye-sublimation printer
Simpler set-up, user self-maintenance, and increased production flexibility.

SYDNEY, 6 August 2019 – At PrintEx 2019 Epson Australia will launch the new SureColor F6360, 44-inch dye-sublimation printer created for soft signage, merchandise, custom décor and clothing manufacturers. The new printer combines enhanced production flexibility with an improved total cost of ownership (TCO).

The new SC-F6360 is designed to replace small format screen printing, with a flexible low-cost solution that enables repeatable high-quality output production with minimal equipment, materials and mess. It produces images that are not only bright and colourful, but also extremely durable. It can be used for imaging onto fabric with 50% or more artificial content such as Polyester, Lycra and Neoprene. It can also be used on PVC, poly film, and materials which will accept a polyester spray and resist damage through short-term exposure to heat and pressure such as ceramic, glass, metal, coated plywood, certain plastics, fibreglass and polycarbonates.

The SC-F6360 is designed for easy, flexible, and dependable operation. Jobs can be turned around quickly and efficiently. The printer employs a digital process that enables image creation, editing and customisation, with significantly less equipment, materials, and skill than traditional methods. The process is compatible with text, line art and photographic images and is particularly cost-effective with small to medium production runs. The new model is designed for user-self set-up and can be purchased as a base unit with an integrated auto-cutter for sheet based transfer using a flat heat press or efficient high-speed roll-to-roll production with an optional Auto-Take-Up and calendar style heat press.

What differentiates the SC-F6360 is its cost effective operation and superior output quality. Images are processed using Precision Dot Technology and printed using the included Epson Edge Print software. When combined with the advanced Epson ink, MicroPiezo Print Head, and Dye Sublimation process, it enables the printer to achieve output that traditional equipment with 6 or 8 colours would be grateful for, using just 4 inks. The ink ships in inexpensive 1.1L bags and each print consumes very little ink. The printer consumes minimal power and can be operated in a ventilated office environment. Replacing the F6200, the new model supports user self-set-up and a high degree of user self-maintenance complete with self-help videos activated by a QR-Code.

Whether you’re producing banners, back-lit fabric signs, sportswear, custom cabinetry, furniture coverings, or fashion items, the SC-F6360 has been designed to play a crucial part in the seamless delivery of a total, end-to-end colour printing solution.

Key features of the SureColor F6360

Flexible operation

  • Uses roll media from 10 to 44” wide, up to 150mm in diameter
  • Easy top loading with improved spindle-less mounting
  • Integrated Auto Cutter for simple sheet based output
  • Optional Auto Take Up for roll-to-roll production
  • Print modes for fabric and ahrd surface imaging

Simpler and easier to operate

  • Supplied with Epson Edge Print and Accounting software
  • Easy Media Set-up with downloadable profiles
  • Colour LCD control panel & on-line help

Superior and more consistent print quality

  • High quality Epson Ink with a choice of Bk or HDk configuration
  • Advanced PrecisionCore™ MicroPiezo printhead
  • Epson Precision Dot Image Processing

Low Acquisition and Running Cost

  • 6L Continuous Ink Supply System with cost-effective 1.1L ink refills
  • User self-set-up & enhanced user self-maintenance
  • Ultra-low 65W power consumption
  • Bulk waste system

The SureColor F6360 commences shipping in mid-August with an RRP of $11,695 (ex tax) complete with an on-site warranty and 5 years comprehensive cover (including print heads).

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The new Epson SureColor F6360, 44-inch, dye-sublimation printer

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