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Epson launches the Stylus C61 with 5760 optimised dpi using RPM technology

July 2002

Sydney, 30 July 2002 - Epson Australia, the leader in colour printing technology, has enhanced its product offering in printers for the consumer and office market in 2002 with the delivery of the STYLUS C61 to the market incorporating 5760 optimised dpi using RPM technology. This is the first in a range of new printers that will be released with 5760 optimised dpi and RPM

Director of Marketing Communications for Epson Australia Mike Pleasants said:

"I am delighted with the arrival of Epson Australia's printer range for 2002 and the Epson STYLUS C61 model. Epson's printers have all been designed to meet the needs of today's consumer or fast paced business world. With the delivery of the Epson STYLUS C61, Epson Australia delivers 5760 x 720 Optimised dpi using RPM technology. This latest technology ensures the best combination of speed, superior image quality and performance, achieved through the use of Epson's RPM (Resolution Performance Management) technology that optimises ink drop size and placement to deliver exceptional photo quality printing capabilities."

The Epson STYLUS C61 continues Epson Australia's reputation for delivering superior print technology at an affordable price for home and business users. With speeds of up to 14 ppm for black text and 13.9ppm for colour text, the Epson STYLUS C61 has the dual application of being suitable for the busy home user or the small home office environments.

The Epson STYLUS C61 is a precise, superfine inkjet that uses Epson's patented Micro Piezo™ Print Head and 4pl Variable Sized Droplet Technology.

The Epson STYLUS C61 comes with the smart software PhotoQuicker 3.2 the user-friendly print utility for maximum control over photo printing and incorporates the Epson Intellidge™ ink system.

"The Epson Intellidge® ink system is designed to work perfectly in harmony with the printer and your choice of media to ensure consumers get the very best of print quality every print, every time and trouble-free, piece-of-mind printing every print, every time," said Mike Pleasants.

The Epson Intellidge® ink system brings maximum benefits, maximum ink usage and the interchange of Epson cartridges suitable for this model. The Epson Intellidge® ink system gives you easy-to-see and always available information about all your ink levels and has been designed to work perfectly in harmony with the printer and the user's choice of media,

The Epson STYLUS C61 has both a USB and Parallel port interface and is compatible with the operating systems Microsoft Windows 95/ 98/Me, Win NT 4.0, Win 2000, Win XP and Mac OS8.1 to 9.x, Mac OS X

The Epson STYLUS C61 printer is available immediately through the Epson volume products channel and will retail at $249.

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