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Epson leads with plain paper colour inkjet POS printers, the 1.5 station TM-J7100 and TM-J7000

August 2002

Sydney, 27th August 2002 - Epson, leaders in POS printing solutions, today announced the release of two new inkjet based POS printing solutions - TM-J7100 and TM-J7000 1.5 station Point Of Sale printers. Epson's patented SEAJetĀ® technology brings inkjet convenience and plain paper colour receipt printing to Point-Of-Sale for the first time. The Epson TM-J7100 and TM-J7000 printers, combine one or two colour inkjet printing, MICR reading and double sided slip printing, to deliver a high speed, plain paper colour printer that is unique in the Australian market.

The 1.5 Station printer (1 = receipt + Ā½ = slip, gives 1.5) market has historically been the domain of thermal receipt printers. With the development of SEAJet technology, Epson have leveraged their many years of experience and inkjet leadership by designing an inkjet technology ideally suited to the Point-Of-Sale environment. With 180x180 dpi resolution in up to two colours, the TM-J7100 offers plain paper receipt printing in colour. The TM-J000 offers only one colour printing, while both offer slip printing, MICR reading and Epson's exclusive SmartPass check printing technology. Colours available are red/black, blue/black or green/black.

"The TM-J7000 is a revolution. Never before have we had the flexibility of printing high quality, graphic based two colour receipts on plain paper, as well as cheque and slip printing in the one printer. All of this technology is bundled into the one small footprint device, giving retailers the smallest and most efficient option for printing colour receipts, and processing cheques and slips at the point-of-sale." said Jason Whiley, System Devices - Business Manager Epson Australia Pty Limited.

SEAJet (Static Electricity Activated) technology is the most advanced POS technology available today. SEAJet uses a precision nozzle to produce a very high concentration of uniform dots to deliver higher clarity, resulting in a visible improvement over thermal technology while using up to 40% less power to run. This represents a quality improvement plus a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over the life of the printer.

The TM-J7100 colour cartridge lasts up to 15 million characters, meaning you get a long life from each cartridge. Both printers feature built-in ink near-end detectors so the possibility of printing blank receipts is minimized. With an MCBF of 50 million lines and an MTBF of 180,000 hours and an auto-cutter life of 1.5 million cuts, the TM-J7100 and TM-J7000 are built to last, offering high reliability and a lower TCO.

Both printers feature drop in paper loading, easy load ink cartridges and a paper near end detector, so maintenance is a breeze. The printers have four different paper width settings and their auto-cutters can be set to partial or full cut.

RS-232, bi-directional parallel, USB and RS-485 interfaces are standard on both models, meaning connection to existing POS terminals is easy, while upgrading your POS terminal at a later date is no problem - the Epson printers support the printer interface your new terminal will use as well.

The Epson TM-J7100 and TM-J7000 are available through Epson authorised POS resellers. For a list check the Epson POS section of this site:

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