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Epson claims endurance and long term leadership in Australian projector market

February 2006

Epson Australia says it is on track to be the dominant projector brand in Australia in 2006, boosted by continuing growth in sales of its Home Theatre projectors and ongoing strong sales of data projectors.

Epson's Director of Marketing Communications Mr Mike Pleasants, said Epson's outstanding LCD projectors and strong brand have kept it at or near leadership in the projector market for many years.

"Other brands have overtaken us momentarily when they launch a new model with new features, but Epson has remained near market leadership over the past six years with year on year growth of 53% for the total projector market," Mr Pleasants said.

Mr Pleasants said recent market research reports by DTC and IT Insight had understated Epson's projector sales for 2005.

"Our actual sales of 10,023 projectors for the calendar year put Epson at or very near market leadership in both reports, assuming sales figures for other vendors are correct," Mr Pleasants said.

The recent IT Insight market research report showed Epson selling 8,800 units for a 10% market share at the end of 2005. If Epson's actual sales are used Epson's market share rises above 11% while the percentage shares of other vendors fall.

With growth of 11.4% predicted for Epson for 2006 by the report, Epson expects to gain clear market leadership early in 2006, Mike Pleasants said.

The DTC report has Epson with sales of 7065 projectors for the year and the market leader with sales of 9242 units. If Epson's actual sales figures are used Epson becomes the clear market leader, assuming other vendors sales figures do not change.

"Epson's continuing strength at the top of the market is testimony to the quality of Epson products and the superiority of LCD projectors in general over DLP and other projector types," Mr Pleasants said.

Globally Epson had a 13.3% share of the total projector market in 2005, while its nearest competitor had 9.2% share.

In the home theatre segment, where sales are expected to increase by 30% globally in 2006, Epson has a 20% market share in Australia, with strong sales of its 16:9 product range including the innovative TWD1 with inbuilt DVD player and JVC surround sound system, and the Epson TW600 with its 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and sophisticated dedicated room settings.

"Epson has always been a leading projector vendor both in Australia and globally, and with our new features and innovations we intend to be a leader for many years to come," Mr Pleasants said.

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