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Epson's new Multi Media Storage Viewer: the P-4500

May 2006

Sydney 28 April 2006: Epson Australia has released the P-4500 multi media storage viewer, big brother to the award winning P-2000, providing features aimed at professional photographers who need excellent image quality, maximum storage capacity and high speed data transfer capabilities in a handy portable device.

The Epson P-4500 has a new and faster CPU which accelerates its performance. Zooming and viewing of images is now up to 500% faster while transferring data from memory cards is up to 250% faster than previous models. A high speed USB 2.0 ensures fast efficient transfer to and from the computer.

The P-4500 makes sure professional photographers taking images in large, high quality file formats have all the room they need to back up to or from their memory cards or computer with an 80GB hard drive.

To make the P-4500 even more compatible for professional users working with large file formats, advanced RAW file support allows the P-4500 to display a wide range of RAW file formats from leading DSLR camera manufacturers so the user is able to check focus, exposure, colour and image composition in high resolution detail immediately. For JPEG files the P-4500 is capable of displaying up to 30 million pixels on screen.

The P-4500 can display all metadata information stored with compatible image files - the file name, EXIF information and a light histogram. A new exposure alert feature is included highlighting areas of the image that may be over exposed or over shadowed.

Improved menu functions make viewing large images and different file formats on screen much quicker and easier with 4 different viewing modes and improved one-touch zooming function. Users can also create slideshows, including background music, from their favourite images and songs on the disk.

The same acclaimed LCD technology which features in the P-2000 also features in the P-4500. The super-high density Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) uses Epson's Photo Fine technology which is an active matrix display featuring a Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) base charged by a Thin Film Transistor (TFT).

The improved high-resolution display is now brighter and measures 3.8 inches (640 x 480 pixels VGA), giving the P-4500 one of the largest viewing screens in its class. It shows three colours per pixel image, at a screen density of 212 pixels per inch, giving it twice the density of its competitors. The P-4500 also boasts the ability to display 262,144 colours allowing the viewing of even the smallest detail, from subtle tones to highlights and shadows. The picture quality is truly remarkable.

Along with a new improved user interface the P-4500 has improved video and audio playback options supporting MPEG type 1, 2 and 4, DivX, WMV and Motion JPEG movie files and MP3, WMA, ACC and MPEG4-ACC audio files.

Working with a computer, Epson makes data management easy with the included Epson Link2 software. This program allows easy organisation and transfer of media files, as well as a convenient back up feature to secure new data.

The Epson Link2 software makes converting and downloading video files a breeze and when watching movies on the P-4500, as with DVD players, a resume function allows the user to turn the power off and on and resume watching from where they left off. Videos can be analysed frame by frame and automatic exposure correction improves viewing quality of videos with heavily contrasting light and dark scenes.

An improved music player feature in the P-4500 rivals that of dedicated portable music players with a new user friendly interface, equaliser, and the option to create playlists or edit imported ones. The music player can be used simultaneously while viewing images and can be controlled from a remote attached to the included headphones.

The P-4500 comes with an AC adapter, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, Epson Link2, carry case and strap.

The Epson P-4500 is priced at $1199 RRP and is available through computer super stores and photography retailers. For full product specifications on the P-4500 and other Epson products please visit

Epson customer inquiries: 1300 361 054

High resolution images are available at: where you can log in using the email address and password media.

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