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Epson's spectacular HD ready EMP-TW700 home cinema experience

October 2006

Sydney 18 October 2006: Epson's new EMP-TW700 home cinema projector is a high definition, high contrast, native wide screen format projector with a new high resolving power lens delivering spectacular movies and television for home cinema enthusiasts.

EMP-TW700The EMP-TW700 joins the stylish yet affordable EMP-TW20 and the EMP-TWD1 all-in-one home theatre DVD player, sound system and projector, as part of Epson's renowned range of home theatre projectors.

With a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), the Epson EMP-TW700 accepts digital uncompressed signals direct from the source, such as HD set top box or HD DVD player, and uses Epson's sophisticated colour and image processing technology to deliver the home cinema experience of a lifetime.

Equipped with Epson's Auto Iris function that samples the image 60 times a second and adjusts the iris opening to suit the scene, the EMP-TW700 can deliver a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio producing stunningly detailed images at every level of brightness.

For bright scenes the iris is opened wide passing more light to the LCD panels giving a crisp and sharp high contrast image, while for darker scenes the iris opening reduces to lower the contrast producing richer blacks and more detail in the dark or shadowed areas of the image.

Epson's renowned 3LCD technology with three LCD panels each of 1280 x 720 pixels [native 16:9 format] forms a full colour image within the projector so the image quality of the EMP-TW700 is superior to others in its class and is completely free of flicker and colour break up [the rainbow effect].

Epson's energy efficient E-TORL lamp delivering 1600 ANSI lumens brightness and Epson's patented Cinema Filter combine with the EMP-TW700's 10 bit colour processing capabilities to allow fine adjustment and precise balance of the primary colours to deliver a super wide colour gamut of more than 1.07 billion colours or 134% of the sRGB colour space.

The new 2.1x zoom lens on the EMP-TW700 has a higher resolving power giving crisp, sharp images and colour flare reduction, while increased lens shift improves flexibility and versatility when setting up the projector. Projected image size can be from 30 inches to 300 inches wide.

Epson sells more projectors in both the global and Australian markets than any other projector brand.

The Epson EMP-TW700 is $2999 RRP including GST and is available through Epson projector retailers and dealers.

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