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Region4 takes on Epson’s innovative Discproducer

June 2009

Region4 takes on Epson’s innovative Discproducer

Region4, the leading distributor in Australia and New Zealand for CD and DVD printing, duplicating and publishing solutions, has been appointed the principal distributor for Epson’s innovative and cost effective disc publisher, the Epson Discproducer.

Craig Heckenberg, Epson’s Business Solutions Manager, said Region4 is in a strong position to deliver outstanding results in key markets for Epson with the Discproducer.

“Discproducer has so many different applications across businesses and industries, and Region4 knows and understands all of them, so we are very pleased to partner with Callum and his team,” Craig said.

Callum Hingston, Managing Director of Region4, said they would be focusing on the strengths of the Discproducer with the 400 plus resellers they service across Australia.

“Clearly Epson has recognised leadership internationally and a wide range of existing products in robotics and inkjet printing – two key components of an efficient and cost effective disc publisher,” Callum said.

“Discproducer has a competitive price in its class, plus Epson has backed that up with an Australian first for disc publishers in this price range - onsite warranty service within capital cities.”

“Discproducer is backed by Epson’s global reputation for reliable and dependable products, and locally supported by Epson’s Business Systems team, so customers know they are getting the best disc duplication system and support available,” Craig said.

Callum said the Discproducer would prove its value in many innovative applications across so many markets, and Region4 would be supporting resellers to drill down into their niche markets.

“It solves many problems in one go by bringing disc publishing in-house: copyright, confidentiality and intellectual property protection; immediate turn around to meet last minute demand; best in class full colour on-disc printing for marketing and sales use; and cost savings compared with outsourced disc production.

“A school or college might get a Discproducer for publishing of educational support materials, reference works and images, for example. But the drama and music departments could also use Discproducer to publish and sell DVDs of concerts and shows to parents.

“The cost saving and revenue generating opportunities are limited only by the user’s imagination,” Callum said.

Epson’s Discproducer is a rugged and compact integrated desktop disc publisher ideal for businesses that need high quality, accurate and fast custom-made CDs and DVDs on demand.

It can create from one to 100 copies of discs in a single batch with individualised content and six colour on-disc labels.

Epson’s comprehensive Total Disc Maker software quickly compiles data, creates custom labels and sets up the production run all in one easy–to–use application. It also includes a program that displays the status of all jobs and devices. The bridge tool (downloadable via the website) allows you to communicate with other applications.

Epson’s renowned expertise in robotics technology and high quality inkjet printing deals with two problems once common with desktop disc duplication.

With Epson’s patented AcuGrip™ robotic technology, Discproducer’s robotic arm greatly minimises the double-disc feeding problem and lifts and moves discs smoothly from station to station to prevent damage from sliding media.

Discproducer also includes a six-colour inkjet printer that delivers industry-leading disc print quality and is more economical than other desktop disc publishers.

Developed with the same patented MicroPiezo inkjet technology featured in Epson’s world leading photo printers, the six individual colour large capacity ink cartridges can print more than 1,000 discs, making it easier to operate than other disc publishers in its class.

And each cartridge - Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, Yellow, and Black - includes a low-ink sensor and LED to ensure that operators have adequate ink to complete a full run. As the cartridges are independent only single cartridges need to be replaced, making Discproducer more economical than other desktop disc publishers.

Discproducer will complete up to 30 CDs or up to 15 DVDs an hour labelled in full colour in best quality mode making it a fast and efficient disc publishing system across a wide range of applications.

Discproducer is available now for $6,499 RRP.

The operation of Discproducer is explained in more detail in a series of videos. Please see:

Production speeds are based on data volume of 600MB for CD with a maximum drive writing speed of 40x and 3.8GB for DVD with a maximum drive writing speed of 12x.

Cartridge yields vary considerably based on images printed, print settings, media type, frequency of use, and ambient temperature.

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