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Epson’s TM-T88V thermal receipt printer: faster, more reliable and ENERGY STAR rated

April 2010

Epson has released the next generation of its renowned TM-T88 series of thermal receipt printers – the TM-T88V. Powerful successor to the TM-T88IV, the TM-T88V features faster printing, best in class reliability, the first ENERGY STAR® rating for a thermal receipt printer, and flexible connectivity for high-volume retail, banking, finance, and hospitality applications.

The TM-T88V will help businesses save on operating costs at the point-of-sale (POS) and at the same time enable the use of new forms of high quality graphical customer interaction via receipts.

As the fifth generation of POS printers from Epson, the TM-T88V employs a combination of proven and innovative technologies that extend service life and increase the reliability of the printer.

Designed to handle very high workloads through the optimisation of components, Epson has significantly improved key technical features of the TM-T88V compared to the previous model.

Print speed has been increased up to a rapid 300mm/sec (in mono mode) delivering real savings in time at POS.

The lifespan of the integrated paper cutter has been increased by a third to two million cuts. The average number of work cycles – MCBF (mean cycles between failures) – has been increased by 35 per cent to 70 million lines, and the print head has 50 per cent greater coverage.

The design of the paper feed has been strengthened, reliably preventing defective receipts. If there is an obstacle blocking the paper outlet of the housing, the receipt will be compressed, but in most cases it will still be cut correctly.

Top environmental performance

The TM-T88V also has impressive environmental credentials. All technical processes and materials used in the manufacture of the TM-T88V represent the very latest in sustainable manufacturing. It not only provides the best CO2 balance of all Epson thermal printers to date, but is also set to become the benchmark for its category. The Epson TM-T88V is the first thermal receipt printer anywhere in the world to have been awarded the ENERGY STAR® for electricity-saving office equipment.

Major improvements have also been made to help reduce paper consumption. A new function makes it possible to automatically reduce the line spacing of every receipt without altering the content. Businesses can save up to 15 percent on paper, depending on the length of the receipt.

Paper consumption can also be reduced by printing the logo for the next receipt before the previous receipt has been cut, avoiding unnecessary margins at the start of the receipt. An adaptor for 58-mm paper width is also included which makes it possible to save even more paper.

High-contrast graphics for effective advertising
Another advantage of the TM-T88V is its graphical printing capability. This is the first thermal receipt printer in the world to provide print-outs with real grey value shades, enabling receipts to be enhanced by the addition of high-quality graphics, images and logos. Whether in the form of individual checkout vouchers, coupons for collection or as a vehicle for marketing campaigns, advertising on receipt paper is and will continue to be a highly effective marketing tool, as customers are reached directly.

Flexible Connectivity Standard
The TM-T88V offers increased flexibility with a standard built-in USB interface in addition to having an UIB interface, which enables integration into a wide range of systems and networks with ease.

Software for all situations – now including Mac OS X and Linux
A range of helpful software tools for the TM-T88V enables simple integration and remote maintenance of the printer. In addition to all current commercial Windows platforms, the TM-T88V receipt printer also supports Mac OS X (from version 10.4.) and the major Linux distributions for the first time.

Key points
Known for their reliability and performance, the Epson TM-T88 series POS printers is the number one receipt printer sold worldwide, giving Epson the largest market share of more than 50% of the thermal POS printer segment. The TM-T88V:

•     Saves electricity: the first thermal receipt printer in the world to be awarded the ENERGY STAR.
•     Real shades of grey: best grey level graphical printing of any thermal printer
•     Saves paper: includes software for reducing paper consumption
•     Highly reliable: MCBF of 70 million lines
•     High-speed: printing rate of up to 300 mm/s for text or graphics (in mono mode)
•     Easy to operate for users and administrators
•     Supports most current operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X (from version 10.4) and the major Linux distributions
•     4-year Epson Warranty included
•     Compatible with previous models
•     Global strength with local technical and customisation support

The TM-T88V is available through Epson Distributors, Epson system terminal partners and systems integrators and has a standard warranty of 4 years.

Recommended retail price is $620 including GST.

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