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Epson SureColor S Series: redefining quality and speed in a solvent printer

September 2012

Sydney, 17 September 2012: Epson’s new game-changing 64-inch SureColor Solvent printers, launched in Australia this month, deliver extreme speed, extreme colour and extreme value. Radically changing customer expectations for sign and display production, these printers will create new and profitable print applications with never before seen quality, speed and output flexibility.

“Customers will find a lot to like in these new SureColor S-Series printers, such as advanced media handling, high output flexibility and exceptional colour gamut, giving a boost to customer satisfaction and productivity,” said Craig Heckenberg, Business Unit Manager at Epson Australia.

“The SureColor SC-S50600 and SC-S70600 produce at speeds never before seen in this class of printer with an image quality that far surpasses any solvent printer available today. Together with the SureColor SC-30600, the revolutionary SureColor S-Series will change customers’ perception of solvent print quality across all applications,” said Craig.

The Epson SureColor S-Series delivers many benefits including:

  • Extremely fast production speeds with integrated take-up and drying systems for high productivity, quicker job turnaround and faster return on investment.
  • High Resolution photographic quality imaging for high-impact, high-value, in-store Point Of Sale and art décor production.
  • Support for rolls up to 40kg (80kg optional) with easy one person media loading and remote e-mail status notification for improved efficiency and workflow management.
  • Advanced media management with a super-rigid construction and a feed unit with auto tension control that enables consistent output with precise image positioning and sizing.
  • Extremely affordable to purchase and cost-effective operate.
  • Up to three years outdoor light fastness without lamination.
  • Quiet operation with a zero nickel, zero fluorine, low odour, eco-solvent ink that allows for installation in an office environment.

The SureColor SC-70600 is designed for cost-effective high-quality sign and display production. It incorporates a dual set of Epson’s patented high-resolution Thin Film MicroPiezo™ print heads, and uses a high capacity 8 or 10 colour ink supply. In the 8 colour configuration it supports production speeds up to 26.8m2/hr, and can also be configured in 10 colour with White and Metallic Ink for specialist applications and high-value work.

The SureColor SC-50600 designed to produce cost-effective high-volume durable sign and display materials. It has dual high-resolution Thin Film MicroPiezo™ print heads supported by a dual high capacity CYMK ink supply. It features a super-rigid chassis, advanced media management, adjustable multi-stage media heating, and comes with an integrated air drying system. In the 4 colour configuration it supports production speeds up to 51.8m2 /hr and can also be configured in 5 colour with White Ink for output on coloured stock, enhanced imaging on vinyl and paper as well as production of specialist window and back-lit signage.

Boasting groundbreaking all-Epson engineering, each model in the SureColor S-Series integrates an entirely new print engine and introduces new convenience features that help automate previously time-consuming processes such as nozzle checks, media feed adjustments and tensioning, and complicated media and print head alignments. Additional features include:

  • MicroPiezo TFP Print Head: One-inch wide, high performance print head with 720 nozzles per colour; low vibration meniscus control for highly accurate dot shape and placement and ink repelling coating for reduced nozzle clogging; both the SureColor S50600 and S70600 leverage two print heads for improved performance and operational redundancy.
  • UltraChrome GS2 and UltraChrome GSX: Epson’s latest generation Solvent Ink technology delivers an exceptionally wide colour gamut with virtually odourless printing without the need for special ventilation or air purification systems and do not contain Nickel (Ni) or Fluorine compounds, reducing the impact on the environment as well as the safety of operators and staff.
  • Advanced media management: Intelligent media-feed system with Auto Tension Control (ATC) ensures precise tension and media positioning. It works together with the integrated auto-take-up system to allow for unattended production complete with facility for wind-in and wind-out. All printers support rolls up to 40Kg (80Kg via an optional upgrade) with easy one person loading.
  • Precision Construction; robot assembly with laser welding ensures a high quality product with consistent and precise printing, even at the highest operational speeds. Reduced printer movement ensures extended durability and reliability with low operational noise for installation in an office environment.
  • Cost Effective High-Capacity Ink System: Ink cartridges are priced to ensure low production costs. Ink usage is minimized through Epson’s Variable Dot Size technology and cartridges come in large capacities (up to 700ml) for maximum productivity. To ensure minimum downtime and continuous high volume production the S50600 holds a total of 5.6 litres of installed ink in the 4-colour configuration and 6.8 litres in the 5-colour configuration.
  • Easy Management: Full colour LCD panel provides easy access to menu items and controls. An in-built e-mail notification system allows for unattended production with automatic remote status/error notifications.
  • Media Heater and High-Speed Dryer: Individually controlled pre, platen and post heaters for optimum media support all controlled via a front control panel or front-end RIP software. An additional optional high-speed dryer (standard on all configurations of the SureColor S50600 as well as the 10-colour S70600 configuration) provides additional drying for high volume/ high ink density production.

Pricing, Support and Availability
The EPSON SureColor SC-S50600 and SC-S70600 are available from mid-September 2012 through selected authorised Epson Pro Graphics resellers at prices starting from $28,995 ex tax including a full set of ink and delivery.

Replacement Inks are priced from just $209 ex tax per cartridge. 1 year on-site warranty is included as standard with optional extension to 3 years.

An optional 3 year Premium warranty program is also available for business customers who wish a preventative maintenance program that ensures all significant service costs are fixed at the point of purchase.

Delivery is included for sites with ready access in greater metro areas of all Australian Capital cities. Sites with difficult access &/or in remote locations will incur additional charges.

Based on Epson test standards: ISO 18930. Does not constitute a guarantee or warranty to the longevity of printed images which may vary depending on substrate, application and environmental conditions. Data is based on 4 colour (CMYK) printing only. For detailed specifications see

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