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Epson launches cloud compatible server-less retail printing solution

September 2012

As mobile devices and cloud-based systems rapidly transform management systems and customer experiences in retail and hospitality, Epson has released cloud compatible POS printers – the TM-i intelligent printer series TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i — that reduce costs and streamline end customer interaction and experience.

Epson Australia’s Business Unit Manager Craig Heckenberg said TM-i intelligent printers provide ‘driver-less’ and ‘server less’ receipt printing at the point-of-sale by communicating directly with tablets and mobile devices without the use of a server or PC.

“Mobile devices and tablets are transforming management systems and customer interactions in the retail and hospitality sectors. Epson has developed a printing solution that integrates seamlessly with multiple devices and existing IT systems while also leading the way in supporting mobile platforms and cloud-based systems,” said Craig.

“As more businesses in retail and hospitality sectors employ cloud-based solutions because of the lower cost and quick and easy deployment, their printing systems need to be cloud compatible. Epson’s TM-i intelligent printer series is not only a solution but also enhances the benefits that cloud-based systems bring.”

Easily implemented in hospitality environments such as restaurants and bars where tablets are used for taking and communicating orders the TM-i series printers are also ideal for retail stores using mobile sale capture devices to cut down on queuing times at the till point.

The TM-i printers can also act as mini-servers, delivering a staff and customer software interface to smartphones and tablets that allows multiple item selection for transactions and printing. As no PCs, servers or drivers are necessary for the TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-I to operate, businesses can also significantly reduce power consumption with fewer pieces of equipment online.

Epson’s new ePOS print technology in the TM-i series enables users to print out receipts, tickets and coupons at the point of sale or in back office and kitchen environments from any device running a HTML5 compatible web browser such as Safari®, Chrome™, Internet Explorer® and the standard Android browser.

Epson’s ePOS print technology recognises all major ESC/POS functions which are sent as XML commands allowing the TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i to control cash drawers and other Epson TM series printers, wired or wireless, consequently improving systems interfaces and streamlining communications between devices.

Needing only a network connection to work with most operating platforms including iOS, Android and Windows and using Epson’s TMNet Web configuration tool, the TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i are easily integrated into existing IT systems and can communicate with multiple devices simultaneously using different applications without users having to change settings.

The TM-i series printers have all the functions and features of Epson’s current marketing leading POS printers TM-T88V and TM-T70, such as greyscale printing for the addition of logos and images to receipts on the TM-T88V-i, while the TM-T70-i controls paper loading at the front of the device and has a splash-proof housing that makes it ideal for mounting under counters.

The Epson’s TM-i intelligent printer series will be sold through authorised Epson POS Distributors, System Integrators and System Terminal Partners in Australia.

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