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Epson PP-100N networkable multi-user disc publisher

November 2012

Sydney, 27 November 2012: Epson has released a new network capable disc publishing solution that is ideal for businesses that require disc burning and printing by multiple users such as medical institutions, government departments, corporate organisations, disc duplication bureaus, educational institutions and software companies.

Designed and made with the backing of Epson’s world-renowned micro and macro robotics skills and sophisticated MicroPiezo™ inkjet printing technologies, the Epson Discproducer PP-100N is a networkable disc burning and printing solution specially optimised for multi-user working in groups.

The PP-100N takes Epson’s experience and skills in these sophisticated technologies and melds them in a compact design with dust-proof body, outstanding print quality and robotic disc feed arm with patented AcuGrip™ technology that ensures only one disc is placed in the drive or printer at all times.

As the top model in Epson’s Discproducer range, the PP-100N with its integrated logic can manage the jobs of several users simultaneously, processing them one after the other as they are received, and can store up to 80 jobs on its internal hard drive.

It can create from 1 to 100 copies of disc contents in a single batch with individualised content and labels, making it an ideal and flexible solution for automatic disc publishing where content accuracy and high quality customised labelling are required.

The PP-100N provides a more effective workflow and ensures fast set-up and ease of use as it includes Epson's Total Disc Maker, Total Disc Monitor, Total Disc Setup Software and Total Disc Net Administrator software.

Epson’s Discproducer range including the PP-100N features a built-in, six colour inkjet printer with individual high-capacity ink cartridges making disc printing extremely cost-effective. Epson’s MicroPiezo inkjet print head ensures precise control of ink droplets shape and size, delivering labels with superior colour, text and vibrant graphics, ensuring unrivalled print quality, unlike the printing systems used in other disc publishers.

Supporting shared access with Ethernet connectivity, the PP-100N also includes an LCD display for publisher status and error reporting. A door lock is also present to restrict access by unauthorised users.

The Epson PP-100N RRP is $4999 including GST and is available though Region4, DH Technology and Capax Technology.

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