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Epson delivers the next generation of POS technology with TM-Intelligent retail solutions

November 2013

Sydney 21 November 2013: Epson, a world leader in POS hardware, has released a range of intelligent retail POS systems with the launch of new device terminals that are at the centre of a platform-independent multi-channel mobile and cloud-based shopping experience.

“The business model for traditional stores is under siege. With the rapid take-up of personal mobile devices customers are expecting faster checkout from anywhere in the store, personalised offers and promotions, immediate access to product information and more, and all in a package that is seamless and consistent across channels,” said Craig Heckenberg, Business Unit Manager for Epson Australia.

“Epson’s TM-Intelligent device terminals bring retailers the power of platform-independent, mobile, web/cloud based services, and multiple peripheral connectivity in one compact footprint without needing to upgrade existing systems,” said Craig.

The new additions to Epson’s TM-Intelligent POS range - the TM-T88V-DT and TM-T70II-DT - are device terminal hubs with increased processing power and storage and are equipped with an internal Apache web server, Windows® Embedded POSReady and ePOS-Device, enabling retailers to take full advantage of customised web-based applications and thin client solutions.

The TM-Intelligent DT Series feature Epson’s unique ePOS-Print technology that enables browser-based printing from any mobile device, with no drivers to install. ePOS-Print technology provides seamless communication between the receipt printer and mobile devices anywhere in the store.

“Epson’s proposition with its TM-Intelligent terminals is to deliver a web/cloud based, driver-less and PC-less solution that supports customer-centric applications while enabling direct interaction with multiple mobile and tablet devices, providing cost effectiveness, convenience and enhanced customer interactivity at the point-of-sale,” said Craig.

“These TM-Intelligent terminals are POS agnostic and can be added to any existing systems without requiring a system overhaul or upgrade to implement the new functions.”

Ideal for retailers moving from legacy systems or enhancing current POS solutions to a full web/cloud based environment, the TM-Intelligent DT series has a built-in controller that can connect and control various POS peripherals like scanners, cash drawers, scales, MSRs displays, etc, via the application interface.

The TM-T88V-DT and TM-T70II-DT are standalone terminals that don't need a connection to a PC or POS terminal, eliminating unnecessary hardware, cutting energy usage and reducing maintenance and servicing expenses.

Along with Epson’s renowned reliability the TM-T88V-DT has local storage that can be used to support distributed POS applications and databases - so if the network becomes disconnected, sales won't stop.

The TM-T70II-DT is the smart choice for retailers looking to implement mobile POS, web-based POS configurations and kiosk applications in spaces that require an ultra-small footprint.

Epson’s TM-Intelligent retail applications include mobile POS for queue-busting fast checkout, web POS/thin client POS terminal applications, delivery of coupons and loyalty programs, presentation of comprehensive and easy to read store analytics, and managing kiosk information display.

Additional hospitality applications include kitchen/back of house displays and kiosk checkout management, while for grocery stores added applications include product and inventory information displays and personalised offers and promotions.

The TM-T88V-DT and TM-T70II-DT are available through authorised distributors and systems integrators.

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