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Variable Sized Droplet Technology

The latest advances in high quality inkjet printing are found in the newest Epson Stylus Color printers, which use Variable Dot Technology. Variable Dot Technology incorporates two new developments - Ultra-Microdots and the ability to print with different sized droplets.

Ultra MicroDots represent the very smallest size of ink droplets available today. Ultra MicroDots are between 3 and 6 picolitres in size resulting in a dot diameter up to 4 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair and close to the limit of resolution for the human eye. These new incredibly small dots lead to much finer detail with less graininess and even smoother Gradations. Print quality is considerably enhanced.


Note: 1 picolitre (pl) = 0.000 000 000 001 litre (dot size varies with printer model)

However, smaller dots are not in themselves the final answer - the increased number of dots required to cover the page can reduce print speed. And so, Epson have introduced Variable-sized Droplet functionality.

Under the control of the Epson Photo Enhance printer driver different droplet sizes are produced on demand - choosing the appropriate size for the area of image being printed. It 's like painting a room; you use a large brush size for quick coverage and smaller, finer brushes for areas of detail.

Up to 6 different droplet sizes can be produced on demand *
(* number of droplet size varies by printer model)