Epson M-T500II Series

Epson M-T500II Series

Thermal Mini Printers

Fast and Highly Reliable Thermal Kiosk Printer

The M-T500II High Speed Direct Thermal Printer Mechanism.
Epson’s M-T500II Series printers offer the performance, high reliability and easy integration you need to get into production quickly and keep your customers satisfied for years to come.

With high speed and durability, the M-T500II series is well suited for high transaction and graphical applications such as ATMs, Kiosks and gaming.

Fast Printing
M-T500II Series can print both text and graphics at a speed up to 250 mm/s – 67% faster than its predecessor the M-T500.

High Performance and Reliability
M-T500II Series inherits the same high reliability as M-T500 Series; 37 million lines for MCBF. Incorporating years of industry leading, thermal printer experience, Epson’s durable, field-proven design ensures reliable performance, transaction after transaction, year after year.

Same size as M-T500 Series
M-T500II series has the same external dimensions as M-T500 series, so it is easy to replace the mechanism*.

Less Paper Jams with Paper Jam sensor
In addition to its improved structure to avoid paper jams, the newly added paper jam sensor; if used with BA-T500II series, prevents paper from winding around the paper feed rollers before it occurs.

BA-T500II Series (Controller Board)

Smaller size: The BA-T500II Series’ external size is half that of its predecessor the BA-T500, making it more compact for installation.

Optimum Performance
The circuitry and firmware is specifically designed for the M-T500II series, to provide optimum performance. The commands are upward compatible, so you can replace an existing controller board without changing the current application program. Furthermore, more features are added such as functions to acquire the paper jam sensor’s status, and to stop printing automatically when the sensor detects abnormality. A new interface; Ethernet is also added.

Wide Variety of Hardware and Software for Your System Configuration

PS-180 (Power Supply Unit)

Input 100 - 240 VAC
Output 24 VDC, 2.0 A
Plug 3P power jack
Length of DC cable 1500 mm
Safety standard UL, CE marking, PSE, GS


NE-T500II (Paper Near End Sensor Unit)
The NE-T500II enables the paper near end function which can reduce time spent in replacing paper and operating costs.

* When replacing the mechanism, you will also need to replace the control board. with BA-T500II