Epson TM-m30II-H


Thermal Receipt Printers

Sleek, stylish and compact The perfect solution for tablet POS environments

Sleek, stylish and compact – The ideal solution for tablet POS environments

The TM-m30II-H is an mPOS solution for specialist shops, boutique outlets, small restaurants, bars, coffee shops, delis and food trucks. It features enhanced functionality and ‘Sync and Charge’ for tablet device connection, that allows the user to power* the tablet** and print data over a single cable.

  • Sleek, compact and stylish design with a very small footprint
  • Flexible placement –– place horizontally or vertically
  • NFC & Barcode pairing
  • Advanced Hub functionality with tablet charging*
  • ePOS print allows direct printing from ANY mobile device without the need to install or update drivers
  • Print speed of up to 250mm/sec
  • Paper width max 80mm
  • High-quality receipt printouts
  • Prints 1D and 2D barcodes

Stylishly compact
Epson’s POS expertise has resulted in unrivalled build quality and refined functionality; each component has been developed with ease of use in mind. The TM-m30II can be installed horizontally or vertically, that allows for even more positioning flexibility.

Enhanced Connectivity
This TM-m30II-H boasts advanced hub functionality and a rich set of features. Peripherals such as scanners, keypads and scales, can connect directly with the TM-m30II-H and pass data to a device such as a tablet that would not normally support connection to peripherals. It also includes enhanced connectivity (USB, Ethernet and optional Bluetooth) and Server Direct Print (SDP) and Cloud (OMS) intelligent functionality.

Easy to install
Print directly from any smart device with ePOS-Print on both iOS and Android systems. Additional Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity are available.

Quickly and easily customise receipts with logos and promotional messages. Advance graphics and barcodes using high-quality, multiple greyscale printing are also fast and simple to produce.

Paper saving
Using backward paper feeding, or printing the logo when the receipt is cut, can shorten receipt lengths reducing paper costs and consumption by up to 30%.

A single printer can be dynamically shared in mixed POS environments combining PC and Tablet solutions

Configuration Builds

Code Model Connectivity* Colour
C31CH92212 TM-m30II-H-212 Built-in USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB Charging Black
C31CH92211 TM-m30II-H-211 Built-in USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB Charging White

Direct printing from web browsers
Epson's innovative ePOS-Print technology means the TM-m30II-H can quickly, easily and seamlessly integrate with any PC, tablet, laptop or mobile device via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interface. Whether the device is running iOS, Android, Windows CE or Windows mobile, direct printing from the web browser becomes possible without the need to install or update any other drivers.

Easy pairing with mobile devices
NFC connectivity (Near Field Communication), means the TM-m30II-H can be easily paired with tablets and smartphones. Simply bring the devices close together to make the connection. For added convenience and flexibility, pairing by QR code is also possible.

Simple set-up using Wi-Fi
The 'Easy Setting Functionality' on the TM-m30II-H creates an access point for connecting smart devices. Once implemented, both devices can be easily set-up and configured on a wireless network for instant use.

Optional wall mounting bracket
Mount the printer quickly and securely to any wall or vertical surface with the optional wall mounting bracket. By simply swapping just two printer covers, the TM-m30II converts from a horizontal to a vertical solution, maximising space even in the smallest retail environments.

* TM-m30II-H can supply 5.1V at 2.1A max (10w). It is possible some tablets may have higher power requirements to charge.
**Supported tablets include Apple iPad and Android OS tablets for USB charging. The Tablet and USB cable shown in the product image are for illustrative purposes, and needs to be purchased separately.