Epson EU-T300 Series

Epson EU-T300 Series

Embedded Units

Compact and Easy to Use

Epson uses modular components to build a Kiosk system that’s perfect for your unique application. Simple components (printer module, control board module, and compact paper roll supply module) fit into various Kiosk terminals.

Choice of Paper sizes
Terminal manufacturers can adjust the unit to meet their specific needs. Paper width (57.5 mm, 59.5 mm, 79.5 mm, or 82.5 mm) and paper diameter (6" or 4") can be selected as desired. And paper rolls with the print face either outside or inside can be used.

Autocutter Capabilities
A durable autocutter is standard equipment and selectable from full cut type, partial cut type (1 point left uncut), or high-speed full cut type.

Front Access Features
User–friendly front access operation enables easy paper handling and front access maintenance because the power switch, paper feed button, and LED are all located on the front.

Worry-Free Paper Handling
It's simple to replace the paper roll with the EU–T300 series. You can open the printer module with one hand and insert the paper roll easily and surely using the semiautomatic loading function. These functions save recovery time and increase the speed of maintenance.

Graphics Printing to Fit Your Needs
Text, barcodes, logos and Windows® fonts can all be printed with ease. Embellish and emphasize with underlining, enhancement, 90° rotation, black and white reversing and enlargement.

Asian Language Options
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, and Japanese fonts are available as factory options for local markets.