Epson ColorWorks C7500

ColorWorks C7500

Fast, 4-colour industrial grade desktop label printer for on-demand colour printing of large print jobs and jobs with tight time windows.


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  • High print speed up to 300mm/second
  • Rugged design means minimal maintenance and low overall cost of ownership
  • Astonishing image quality, powered by heat-free PrecisionCore™ inkjet technology
  • High print resolution 1200 x 600 dpi
  • Seamless integration – built-in ESC/Label language for integration with user’s existing workflow
  • Highly efficient – high yield CMYK ink cartridges mean fewer user interventions and less waste
  • Epson's outstanding pigment ink produces long lasting, light/water/chemical resistance labels

The Epson TM-C7500 uses the DURABrite Ultra ink which is ideal for customers who want durable prints and who primarily want to print onto matte or GHS approved BS 5609 media.


PrecisionCore with heat-free technology, is Epson's most advanced printhead architecture builds on our market-leading Micro TFP technology and powers the industry-leading output quality and durability that Epson is renowned for, at the high speeds required for commercial and industrial printing. The ColorWorks C7500/C7500G's excellent image quality means you can depend on consistent, accurate results, especially on small text, linework and barcodes.


Whenever the printer needs to carry out internal maintenance, there's no need to cut the paper or interrupt label production. The printhead has two positions – 'print' and 'home' – and it simply moves to the required position while maintenance takes place.


Our printers are designed to deliver ongoing print perfection with minimum user intervention. NVT works constantly behind the scenes to detect and bring blocked nozzles back to maximum operating performance.


You get the perfect combination of speed, quality and efficient ink use with Epson VSDT. This targets the most suitable ink droplet size to different areas of a print to produce clarity in areas of fine detail while delivering optimum efficiency for larger areas of colour.


Blocked nozzles are normally fixed and back in action quickly and automatically, but should a nozzle remain blocked there’s no reduction in print quality. This is because with the Dot Substitution Function, the neighbouring nozzles can print larger ink droplets to cover the relevant print area.


To make sure that the ColorWorks C7500 Series is optimised to best meet the demands of our customers, two types of pigmented ink have been formulated to specifically address certain needs for specific applications. The ColorWorks C7500 uses the DURABrite Ultra ink1 which is ideal for customers who want durable prints and who primarily want to print onto matte or GHS approved BS 5609 media. The ColorWorks C7500G uses UltraChrome DL inks1 which delivers high print quality and offers great results on glossy media.

1 Epson DURABrite Ultra and UltraChrome DL Inks are not intended for direct food contact printing.