Epson DLQ-3500


24-Pin Dot Matrix Printers

Fast, precise, reliable printing, with the paper handling versatility to meet all your business needs.

Fast, precise, reliable printing, with the paper handling versatility to meet all your business needs. More efficient business comes easy with the Epson DLQ-3500 flatbed printer. You get lightning speed to sprint through the job fast. Outstanding precision for clear, professional results every time. Epson's renowned reliability for top performance that goes the distance. And versatility that leaves other printers in its dust. You can print on overlapping paper, multi-part forms (up to eight parts), even if they have labels. Colour printing is yours too. What's more, the DLQ-3500 has an optional network adaptor, with a user-friendly interface that lets everyone take advantage of its exceptional capabilities.

Superb Reliability
For decades, Epson has supported businesses with an impressive range of printers offering exceptional reliability. The Epson DLQ-3500 carries on this tradition of unrivalled dependability. Long-life features include a total print volume of nine million lines, plus black ribbon life of six million characters. Which translates into impeccable flatbed performance, day in and day out.

No More Waiting!
Boosted productivity is what the Epson DLQ-3500 is all about. It delivers a stunning 550 cps at 10 cpi in high speed draft, 495 cps at 10 cpi draft, and 165 cps in LQ.

User and Environment Friendly
In line with Epson's environmental policy, the Epson DLQ-3500 is constructed of non-toxic, easily recycled materials. It's user-friendly too. The direct path horizontal feed design assures accurate printing every time without crooked lines or smearing. This also contributes to environmental protection by eliminating wasteful use of paper.

Epson Technology – The Key to Versatile Paper Handling
Printing on single sheets, envelopes, and continuous paper is just the beginning with the Epson DLQ-3500. You can also print on overlapping paper. And for even more versatility, there's Auto Platen Gap adjustment. Switch to the Auto mode, and this Epson innovation automatically detects paper thickness before adjusting the distance between the head and the platen. The result is precise, smooth printing even on forms with labels. If you're using a limited range of paper thicknesses, you can also switch to the Manual mode to set the optimum printing parameters manually.

1+6 Copy Printing Convenience
Need copies? Switch to the Copy mode, and the powerful Epson DLQ-3500 can deliver up to seven copies in addition to the original. And thanks to the high impact pressure of the long-life 24-pin printhead each copy is as clear as the original.

In addition to standard parallel and serial interfaces, you can install an optional Ethernet card in the Type B interface slot to incorporate the Epson DLQ-3500 in an expanded multi-system network.