Epson Stylus C61

Stylus C61

4 Colour Inkjet Printer

The Complete, Fast and Reliable Inkjet Printer - 5760 Optimised DPI using RPM Technology.

Crisp text, vibrant colours coupled with speed and reliability.

SOHO users, students and the entire family; in fact anyone who's looking for a printer that combines incredibly high quality printing of text right through to photographs with great value can benefit from the Epson Stylus C61. Its amazing print resolution of up to 5760 dpi optimised using RPM (Resolution Performance Manager) technology and black text print speed of up to 14 ppm (pages per minute), Black text A4 (Memo), make the STYLUS C61 a perfect all-round printing solution.

With the Epson STYLUS C61, every time you print you'll benefit from:

EPSON MicroPiezo Technology: Incredibly fine ink droplets at super fast speeds for minute details in text and graphics.

EPSON Quick-Dry Inks: Everything from family photos to colourful charts and graphs printed with Super Penetrating and High Concentrating perfectly formed dots.

EPSON AcuPhoto Halftoning: Whether its a Web page or black-and-white photo, its printed with beautifully smooth tones and gradations.

EPSON PhotoQuicker 3.2: Only Epson delivers serious printing power with the ease and versatility of the Epson PhotoQuicker 3.2 software. This user-friendly print utility optimises all the features of the STYLUS C61 for maximum control over photo print quality.