Epson EH-TW450

Epson EH-TW450

Home Theatre Projectors

Home Theatre, Gaming and Sports on the Big Screen at Home

Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson EH-TW450 Home Theatre Projector. Stylish good looks teamed with market leading 3LCD Technology make the EH-TW450 a “must have” addition to the homes of movie lovers, gamers and sporting fans alike.


  • Powerful Brightness up to 2,500 Lumens – Bright enough for daytime viewing without the need to draw the curtains
  • High Contrast Ratio – Rich blacks and dazzling whites at a contrast ratio of 3,000:1
  • Low Power Consumption and Long Lamp Life – Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • HD Ready! – Project your HD content on your own big screen
  • HDMI Connectivity – One simple connection for the best results from digital devices like Blu-ray Players, PS3 or X-Box
  • Theatre Specific Colour Modes – For a true cinematic experience
  • Gaming Specific Colour Mode – Big screen gaming with superb colour accuracy, and fast response


Powerful Brightness
With up to 2,500 lumens Light Output, EH-TW450 is ideal for use in a variety of locations including lounge rooms, and games rooms. Watch the big game live, as it happens, or your favourite movie, all without having to draw the curtains or dim the lights.

Digital Sports and Movies at Home
Watch your favourite movies or cheer on your team in the big game in beautiful digital image quality thanks to the EH-TW450’s HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connectivity. With HDMI, you only require one cable to connect to most digital devices including Blu-ray Players and gaming consoles. With the EH-TW450, it’s just like being there!

Designed With Gamers in Mind
The excitement of the latest console and PC games on a big screen in your own home is hard to match! With this in mind, Epson included numerous gamer-specific features to ensure that your gaming experience is as amazing as possible. The EH-TW450 has all the connections required for the most popular game consoles and personal computers including HDMI, the highest quality multimedia digital interface available today. Connect easily to your Nintendo Wii*, Sony PS3*, Microsoft X-Box* or your DVD and Blu-ray player!

To make things even better, the EH-TW450 comes complete with a gaming specific colour mode which offers the best range of colours for today’s hottest games, just the way they were intended. Plus when operating in game mode, response speed is greatly increased so there is virtually no lag time, making your gaming experience more realistic.

Low Power Consumption and Long Lamp Life
At Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. That’s why these products conform to the new European Directive on Eco-Design of energy using products. The main objective of this directive is to ensure energy efficiency throughout a product’s lifecycle. The EH-TW450 conforms to the criteria of this directive.

As with all Epson products, ease of use and low cost of ownership were paramount in the design process used to create the EH-TW450. Lamp life is estimated at up to 5,000 hours in ECO mode, making it one of the longest lasting lamps in this category. We even back these lamps with a full 6 month, 750 hour lamp warranty to give you peace of mind.

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