Projector Management Software

Epson Projector Management software enables you to remotely monitor and control multiple projectors over a local area network from a single computer. You can remotely power projectors on or off, switch input sources and check the lamp operating times. You can even send email alerts in order to alert users about a projector's status, and prevent any possible problems disrupting your presentation.
Roll out firmware update to all projectors over single network and duplicate settings of projector across the network.

Projector Professional Tool

Epson Projector Professional tool allows you to adjust and control images projected from network projectors using your computer. Available features : Adjustments to Projected Image Layout, Lens Control, Geometric Correction, Edge Blending and Colour Uniformity, Projector Operations or Settings

Compatible models :
EB-L25000UNL, L1755UNL, L1505UHNL, L1505UNL, L1405UNL, L1300UNL, L12000UNL, L1100UNL

Projector Content Manager

Have the flexibility to customise content and features to fit your own use with Epson Projector Content Management Software. Gain complete control over your presentations by creating and scheduling playlists, adding visual effects, or applying your own remote short cuts and filters. The Epson Content Management Software enables users to quickly and easily sort and distribute content without any additional costs.
Compatible models: EB-L510U, L610W, 610U, 615U, EV-100, 105

Easy Interactive Tools

Easy Interactive Tools is a client-based application software for use with Epson interactive projectors. This easy-to-use and intuitive software allows an interactive pen, or fingers on our finger-touch models, to be used as a mouse to navigate, select, scroll, draw and interact with projected content from your computer. Annotated content can be saved on a computer for later use.

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EasyMP Slide Converter

EasyMP™ Slide Converter enables users to easily present slideshow presentations from an Epson projector, without the need for a PC. It converts PowerPoint files into files that can be directly played by a projector from a USB flash drive. USB flash drives are easily transported from one meeting location to another and inserted into the USB port of an Epson projector.

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Epson iProjection is an intuitive projection software for smart devices and PCs. It enables users to wirelessly project images and files stored on their smart device using a network-enabled Epson projector, and provides the freedom to move around the room while making a presentation. Epson iProjection supports iOS and Android smart devices.

Throw Distance Calculator

This easy-to-use online tool calculates image size and projection distance dimensions for all Epson projectors. Users can adjust either the screen size or the projection distance and the tool automatically calculates all necessary installation dimensions. Dimensions can be displayed in either metric or imperial units and a dimensional drawing can be printed.

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Large Venue Throw Distance Calculator

For the perfect large scale projector installation, the right lens is vital.

Find the perfect projector distance and screen size for large venue projection.

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