Epson GT-1500

Epson GT-1500

Document Scanners

Fast and cost effective scanning

An innovative hardware and software scanning solution that delivers on the ever-increasing need for streamlined document management within the workplace.

Automatic Document Feeder

High on the list of the Epson GT-1500's professional document management features is the built-in Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). With a 40-page capacity and the ability to manage paper sizes including A6, A5, B5, Letter, A4 and Legal, the ADF delivers automatic feeding and scanning functionality at speeds of up to 18 pages per minute*.

When used in conjunction with the wide range of document management, conversion and manipulation tools included with Epson Scan 3.4 Software, the GT-1500's ADF affords business users with a comprehensive document management solution.
* Monochrome, 200dpi, A4, Speed Priority Scanning mode.

High Resolution Scanning

At the heart of the Epson GT-1500 is a three-line optical CCD (Charge Coupled Device) sensor that provides the scanner with the ability to achieve an optical resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi (dots per inch) and a massive 48-bit colour depth.

The result of those capabilities is document and magazine scanning quality that is of the high standard required in any effective document management solution.

Epson Scan 3.4 Software

Used either as a TWAIN driver for applications such as Adobe Photoshop, or as an application in its own right, Epson Scan 3.4 software delivers an amazing range of scanning and document management features that help make full use of the Epson GT-1500's advanced scanning technologies.

In standalone mode, Epson Scan 3.4 software can be set to provide one of three user modes (Office, Home and Professional), each of which has been designed to best suit the needs of different users.

When used in Office or Professional modes, Epson Scan 3.4 software affords a range of tools and features that can be accessed easily to improve scanning results. These include:

  • Correct Document Skew: Automatic straightening of documents placed at a slant in the input tray.
  • Double-Sided Scanning: There is no need to combine two separately scanned documents, as the Epson GT-1500 automatically sorts and collates multi-page double-sided documents when "sort" is selected in the driver.
  • PDF File functionality: Straightforward creation of searchable, encrypted and/or compressed PDF files.
Document Image Adjustment Tools

Among the numerous features built-in to the Epson Scan 3.4 Software is a range of document image adjustment tools, each of which has been designed to address a specific issue that typically detracts from scanned document readability. These tools include:

  • Text Enhancement: This feature delivers greater definition of text characters and removes the document's background, thereby eliminating the problem of "see through" that often occurs when scanning double-sided documents. Importantly, this tool helps to improve the accuracy of text recognition software.
  • Colour Enhancement: A flexible tool that enables selected colours to be enhanced during the scanning process. This is of particular value when a document contains colour or very light (as in a fax) text that might otherwise not be "picked up" by the scanner during text scanning.
  • Dropout Colour: Similar in operation to Colour Enhancement, Dropout Colour allows users to specify a colour that is ignored during the document scanning process.
ReadyScan LED Technology

In maintaining Epson's focus on delivering scanning solutions that lead the way in functionality, versatility and environmental responsibility, the Epson GT-1500 features the innovative ReadyScan LED Technology. Where scanners are traditionally developed using a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) system as their light source, the Epson GT-1500 utilises advanced Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This delivers multiple benefits in:

  • Improved performance: There is significantly less heat generated by the ReadyScan LED system than those using CCFL, resulting in less physical stress on the item scanned. From a performance perspective, the fact that the Epson GT-1500 uses LEDs, means that within one second of switching on, it's ready to use making it a time efficient scanning solution for the workplace.
  • Reduced environmental impact: LED technology contains no mercury making this an environmentally friendly scanner. Adding even further to the environmental benefits of the ReadyScan LED Technology is that it consumes less power.
Customisable Push Buttons

When Epson developed the GT-1500, one of the key design goals was to create a scanner that would fit into virtually any document management workflow. One result of this is the ability to customise actions that occur when the scanner's four action buttons - Start, Copy, Scan to Email and Scan to PDF - are pressed. Using the bundled Epson Event Manager software, each of the four buttons can have one of either the four pre-defined job settings or the ten user-defined custom settings assigned to it. Custom job settings are created using a straightforward on-screen panel that lets the user define:

  • Scan settings: Define the type of scan, such as text/line art, colour document, resolution etc, as well as the document's physical dimensions.
  • Save settings: Define the default folder to which the scan file is to be saved, as well as the format, such as such as TIFF and PDF. This setting also incorporates compression type and image size.
  • Launch settings: A simple operation that allows users to have a specified program, such as Adobe Acrobat or any other installed programmed automatically launched.

Once each of the settings have been defined, the job can be saved to one of the ten custom job events, and can be assigned to any of the scanner's four buttons.

Enhanced PDF Functionality

With PDF (Portable Document Format) files playing an increasingly important role in virtually all businesses, the enhanced and powerful PDF functionality built in to the Epson Scan 3.4 Software delivers major advantages in speed, security and flexibility. In combination with the Epson GT-1500, the Epson Scan 3.4 Software PDF functionality enables users to create:

  • Searchable PDF files: With the bundled ABBYY Fine Reader Sprint 6 (version 5 for Mac) software installed, documents can be scanned and saved as text-searchable PDF files, dramatically improving the ability to search - and successfully locate - information contained in scanned and stored documents.
  • Encrypted PDF files: As security continues to be of increasing concern for organisations of all sizes, the ability to create secure PDF files is a major benefit afforded by the GT-1500 and Epson Scan 3.4 Software. Documents can be scanned and saved as PDF files with two distinct password protection levels - password required for opening, and password required for editing and/or printing.
  • Compressed PDF files: Documents can be scanned and saved as compressed - either standard or high - PDF files, resulting in reduced file size therefore making it easy to send via email.
  • Single or multi-page PDF files: With the ability to scan multiple pages as either individual PDF files or a multi-page PDF file, Epson Scan 3.4 Software functions as a key tool in streamlining digital document management and creation.
  • Sorted pages on-the-fly: When scanning into PDF or even multi-TIFF files, the Epson Scan 3.4 Software edit page screen provides easy to use functionality for ad hoc rearrangement of pages or automatic sorting by odd or even page numbers.
Bundled Software

Bundled with the Epson GT-1500 are software packages that help exploit the full potential of the scanner and the documents created during the scanning process. These packages include:

  • NewSoft Presto! PageManager 8 for Windows and Mac: A powerful yet easy to use document management solution that utilises advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, converting paper-based document into text files that retain the format and layout of the original.
  • ABBYY Fine Reader 6 Sprint Plus (Version 5 for Mac): An easy to use tool based on powerful ABBYY technologies allowing users to convert scanned documents into editable formats, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.