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White Line Joe Crossley

The Epson Projection Ambassador Program

The mark of great artists is their ability to deliver larger-than-life experiences - and this space is dedicated to them.

The Epson Projector Ambassador Program celebrates the visionaries who have elevated projection into an art form with Epson's industry-leading projectors. It is this culmination of cutting-edge technology and creative mastery that has awed, dazzled and inspired audiences worldwide.

Epson Australia welcomes them as our partners, and we are proud to showcase the work of these brilliant individuals below.

Joseph Crossley Photo

Joseph Crossley

Double quotation marks  When we look at the world around us, if we visualise how it might look in day and night, with this same vision we can imagine what it might become with a painting, an artwork, or an animation re-imagining the architecture itself. This is the basis of projection mapping, seeing past what's there to what it possibly could become. Epson helps me make that vision a reality.  Double quotation marks

As a new media artist & environmental architect, Joseph Crossley's innovative works have inspired millions globally. From being featured at Vivid Sydney to crafting the centrepiece for Burning Man, Joe is now building works that combines environmental art, sustainability and technology. Be sure to look out for Joe's pioneering works.

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Double quotation marks  Illuminart continue to invent and reveal new ways of working with light, bringing interactivity, virtual reality and remote presence into projects to engage audiences in new ways. Our mission is to create effective collaborative relationships with the people and places who want their stories, events and celebrations to shine through Stories in Light.  Double quotation marks

illuminart® was conceived in 2007 by projection pioneer Cindi Drennan to shine light on regional communities in outback South Australia with digital art.
Today, illuminart® is a national team of projection and illumination specialists producing stunning works across every state.
Renowned for architectural storytelling, interactive and hybrid projections, you'll be bound to hear, see and experience illuminart® and their spectacular works.




Centre For Projection Art

  Projection pushes technical limits and drives artistic practice beyond the normal boundaries associated with art. Highly engaging and interactive, projection art attracts audiences, breaks down social barriers and brings communities together.  

Centre for Projection Art is an independent, not-for-profit arts organisation dedicated to exhibiting contemporary projection and new-media art. Founded in 2008, Centre for Projection Art is Australia's premier advocate, incubator, and promotor of projection art, artists and art managers.
Their annual flagship event, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, presents a program of dynamic projection art and new media projects that lets us see familiar spaces and buildings in new and inspired ways. The Festival builds on its reputation and audience each year and is recognised internationally for providing a professional and unique outdoor contemporary art exhibition, as it provides a platform for artists to experiment and push the boundaries of the technology and their artistic practice.