Epson CoverPlus On-Site for Large Format Dye Sub Printers

Australian Consumer Law Prescribed Statement
Our Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Products repaired or replaced if they fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


Standard Warranty

Epson CoverPlus

Coverage period
1 Year
Up to 5 Years*
Coverage Type
Coverage distance
80 kms from Service Agent
80 kms from Service Agent
Parts replacement including printhead @ End of life
Phone response (within business hours)
8 hrs of Epson being notified
4 hrs of Epson being notified
Priority 1st Queue
Flexibility to transfer service product
Dedicated unlimited telephone support
Dedicated unlimited email support

*Limits apply to selected models (see details below)

Terms & Conditions

The following conditions are applicable if you have purchased On-Site Epson CoverPlus for any of the following Large Format Fabric and Merchandise printer models:

  • Epson SureColor F160, F560, F561, F6200, F6360, F7200, F9200, F9360, F9460, F9460H, and F10060 / F10060H

  1. This Epson CoverPlus service provides On-Site service & support coverage for an additional period of time.
  2. On-Site Epson CoverPlus service includes parts (including key components such as print head) and labour. In the case of the F10060 / F10060H a maximum limit of 1 print head per year will be provided free during the cover period after which additional heads should they be required will be supplied at a subsidised rate.
  3. Coverage period will be mentioned on the Epson CoverPlus certificate provided on purchase.
  4. Coverage provides dedicated unlimited technical phone & email support.
  5. Coverage provides guaranteed phone response within 4 business hours.
  6. Coverage includes priority call queue.
  7. On-Site Epson CoverPlus service is transferable in case of onward sale.
  8. On-Site Epson CoverPlus service does not apply to Epson Quality Refurbished Products / Factory Seconds or Epson product accessories or consumables.
  9. On-Site Epson CoverPlus service cannot be used in conjunction with or to extend the term of any third party extended warranty agreement or service agreement.
  10. On-site Epson CoverPlus must be bought within first 12 months of purchase of main unit.
  11. The maximum service coverage period is three (3) years in the case of the F160, F560 and F561 or five (5) years in the case of other models (i.e. 5yrs may be 1yr warranty + 2 x 2yr Service Pack) with the following print volumes:

    *F160 – Maximum print volume 15,000 A4 pages
    *F560 & F516 – Maximum print volume 10,000 A1 pages
    *F6200 & F6360 – Maximum print volume 35,000m2
    *F7200 – Maximum print volume 65,000m2
    *F9200 & F9360 – Maximum print volume 135,000m2
    *F9460 & F9460H – Maximum print volume 200,000m2
    *F10060 & F10060H – Maximum print volume 2,000,000m2

  12. On-site Epson CoverPlus will cover products within a radius of 80 kms from the nearest authorised service agent, in the following areas;

    Sydney, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth.

  13. If the Product is located outside this radius, customer must, either bear the cost and risk of having the Product delivered to and returned from a Service Agent, or pay the Service Agent's reasonable travel and accommodation costs to be provided with on-site service under this cover.
  14. In case of failure; at its discretion, Epson Australia will either repair or replace a Product.
  15. In the event that Epson chooses to replace a Product under this Epson CoverPlus, only the unexpired balance of the coverage period for the replaced Product will apply to the replacement Product.
  16. On-Site Epson CoverPlus can only be used with a main unit sold by Epson Australia or by a Stockist.
  17. For On-site Epson CoverPlus service to remain valid; the Product needs to be operated at its original Location at the time of installation, in a suitable environment, in compliance with the Product's environmental requirements and within Specification.
  18. The customer will need to follow the user maintenance as outlined in the user guide and ensure to maintain a current copy (updates periodically posted to the Epson Australia web site).
  19. Customer will need to ensure to use correct genuine Epson Consumables and Consumable Parts needed for the Product as called for in the user manual.
  20. Customer will need to follow the instructions outlined in your user guide, in terms of initial product set-up, ink cartridge loading, maintenance and replacement.
  21. Customer will need to follow the procedure outlined in your user guide for daily power down and power down prior to an extended period of inactivity.
  22. Customer will follow correct procedures in terms of media loading, platen height setting, temperature setting and output management/ take-up adjustment.
  23. Use of non-genuine Epson consumables may void the benefits of On-site Epson CoverPlus.
  24. Coverage is conditional on the correct storage of Ink and consumables, the user maintaining current firmware, and performing regular user checks as per the user manual, ensuring that the machine is regularly switched on and allowed to perform its inbuilt cleaning cycles, and that it is installed and operated correctly as per the user manual. In the case of models which support Epson Total Solution you have registered on the system, connected the machine to a network with internet access and ensured access equipment such as routers, firewalls, etc. have been configured to enable two way data transfer to the printer.
  25. If a Service Agent provides Onsite support or service but finds that any fault is not directly related to a faulty product, you must pay its current service fee and its reasonable travel and accommodation costs on a return basis (if applicable) to provide you with Onsite service.
  26. Any consequential loss or damage claimed to arise from your use of the main unit is not covered under this service product. In particular (but without limitation) Epson Australia will not be liable for actual or expected revenue loss or for any corruption or loss of data claimed to arise from your use of the main product.

Epson CoverPlus Claim Process:

If you wish to utilize the services & support under Epson CoverPlus; you must do the following:

  1. Call Epson Australia's Contact Centre on 1300 361 054 to notify them about your service requirement.
  2. Customer will be asked to provide the products serial number and Epson CoverPlus ID. These details need to be on hand at the time of the call.
  3. Call Centre Agent will assess the reported problem.
  4. Call may be escalated to a higher tier of support for further assessment.
  5. Should it be determined that an On-Site repair is required, an Authorised Service Agent will get in touch with the customer.
  6. The Authorised Service Agent with customer's permission will visit the premises next business day, or at a more suitable and convenient time should next day not be possible.

Epson CoverPlus Exclusions:

Coverage under Epson CoverPlus will not apply if any of the following occurs during the applicable period:

  1. A Product's serial number or any rating label is removed or changed in anyway;
  2. A Product is serviced, repaired or modified other than by Epson or its authorised Service Agent;
  3. You have installed or used a Product contrary to the technical or operating guidelines recommended in its User guide or Manual;
  4. A fault occurs in any parts, materials or products not supplied by Epson;
  5. Any fault or damage caused by using non Genuine ink/fluid cartridges for the Product, or any ink delivery system other than the Genuine ink delivery system built into the Product.
  6. Any fault or damage due to the quality of media used, including (but without limitation):
  1. Damage to the Product's print head caused by media imperfections such as variations in thickness;
  2. Improper storage of media before use in the Product; or
  3. Improper installation or setting of media in the Product.
  1. Any fault or damage caused by third-party software, applications, parts, components or peripheral devices not provided by Epson with the Product.
  2. Any fault or damage due to using filters, solvents, or other supplies not meeting Specifications.
  3. Any fault or damage caused by neglecting or improperly performing user level maintenance as documented in the Manual.
  4. Any fault or damage caused by misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect, fire, flood, lightning, electrical surges or incorrect currents, disasters or acts of God.
  5. Any colour change or fading of printed output.
  6. Any fault or damage caused by the use of non-recommended materials, tools, liquids or fluids when performing user maintenance.
  7. Any fault or damage from your failure to procure, install, or have maintenance performed on Product or items not covered by this Warranty and on all non-Epson communications media and peripherals including without limitation transmission lines, networks, telephone, and telegraph equipment for the remote transmission of data.
  8. Any fault or damage arising from operator error.
  9. Any operator supplies or accessories, paint, or refinishing of the Equipment.
  10. Any electrical or mechanical work not related to Product maintenance, or any, installation, removal of accessories, attachments, or other devices not supplied by Epson Australia.
  11. Any alteration to the configuration of the Product not authorised by Epson Australia or a Sales Agent.
  12. Epson is prevented from performing repair due to inadequate access or failure to register product (where applicable) under Epson Total Solution and make it addressable from the internet, etc.
  13. A Product's malfunction or failure to perform to Specifications results from:
    1. Deliberate or accidental damage including damage in transit, by insects/pests, through liquid spillage, or through any other improper use or mishandling by the End User; or
    2. Modification; or
    3. Any form of computer virus; or
    4. Any parts require repair or replacement as a result of normal wear and tear, corrosion or stain.

Non-Genuine Items

If you use non-Genuine Consumables, software, replacement parts or accessories in or with your Product during the relevant coverage period, you may damage the Product and may consequently invalidate the service coverage.

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