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Browse through various Epson Projector's Installations across Australia...More

Epson EB-Z10000U Projector features in ‘Pearshaped’ by Dandy & Co.
Pearshaped involves Daniel Davis and Jessica Hopkins of Dandy &Co experimenting with shapes, light, imagery and sound in the context of an art installation or event. This was a part of The Crate which is an event held in a shipping crate in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland NZ.
It featured four different art installations from four different local creative and was brought to life with ease using the Epson EB-Z10000U which boasts 10,000 lumens and 3 x Brighter Colours. ...More

Epson launches a new range of interactive ultra-short throw projectors
Epson MeetingMate projectors integrate the best features of interactive projectors, whiteboards, flipcharts, videoconferencing and other often-used, costly tools in a single device for business users ...More

Epson G Series Projector - K'Road Highlights
An Epson G series projector illuminated buildings for 'Highlights', an event commissioned by K Road Business Association for Christmas. The EB-G6750WUNL projected art and animation onto buildings with ease, comparable with 10K lumens projectors. ...More

Epson unveils its new range 3D full HD 1080p home theatre projectors
Epson Australia has released its next generation of full HD 1080p projectors - the new Epson EH-TW9200/W. ...More

City Evolutions
Newcastle City Council had a bright idea. The buzz term is 'urban activation' — taking a part of town that's a bit down at the mouth and give people a reason to stroll it, dine in it, and enjoy it. ...More

Epson Interactive Projectors
Are Epson Interactive Projectors Transforming French Classes at Alliance Francaise in Brisbane? The answer is Oui Oui! ...More

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Colour Light Output - What Does It Mean?
Confused about lamp brightness? Find out more about Colour Light Output ...More

Buyer Beware!
All projectors are NOT created equal. Always insist on High Colour Brightness in every projector you buy. ...More

3LCD Website

The Power of 3LCD creates projectors that are Beyond Amazing.... Whether you need a projector for your business, home or classroom, 3LCD has a projector to fit your needs ...More

iOS and Android Wireless Projection
Wirelessly connect your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android Device display documents and photos on the big screen with the Epson iProjection app ...More

Lens Shift
Learn about projector Lens Shift and how to bend light ...More

E-TORL Lamps.
Learn about this unique light-efficient lamp technology ...More

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