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Why buy genuine projector lamps?

When you buy an Epson projector, you're buying the very best in projection technology from the number one manufacturer in the world. We ensure that each and every part of our projectors are developed to the same high standard that has kept us at number one for over a decade. Epson genuine lamps are a part of that technology. If you buy genuine, you're buying our promise that you're getting the best possible lamp for your Epson projector.

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A Warning about Non-Genuine lamps

  • Non-Genuine lamps may come in at a lower price, but this can mean lower quality and reduced reliability.
  • Genuine lamps offer the best quality and reliability for your Epson projector, and they are also fully protected by our warranty.
  • Full warranty protection means that in an unlikely event of lamp malfunction, both lamp and projector are covered.
  • Non-genuine lamps are not covered by the Epson warranty. This means that if the lamp malfunctions, not only can it prevent images being shown correctly but it could also void your projector warranty.


Genuine Epson lamps and accurate placement

  • Epson lamps are precisely positioned within a specially-designed cage for easy and accurate placement inside an Epson projector.
  • Any variation in the location of the lamp, may affect your projector's brightness and image quality. This variation can be either inside the cage or inside the projector.
  • Epson lamps provide optimum projector performance because they are positioned correctly.


Achieve 3 x times brighter colours with a Genuine Epson lamp

  • Our business and education 3LCD projectors have three times brighter colours than 1-chip DLP competitors, delivering bright and vivid images.
  • A genuine Epson lamp ensures your Epson projector delivers the high brightness and vivid colours it has been designed for.


Epson lamps are specifically designed and tested to work with Epson projectors

  • Genuine Epson lamps guarantee optimum performance of the projector and lamp because they are produced under stringent quality control standards.
  • Any malfunctions caused by non-genuine lamps may void the projector warranty, as it's not possible to test and evaluate all non-genuine lamps.