Replacement 4L Waste Ink Bottle

Replacement 4L Waste Ink Bottle
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Product Code: C13S210071
(Epson Global Code: C13S210071)
Suits Products: SureColor F10060 - 76", SureColor S60660L - 64" CISS, SureColor S80660L - 64" CISS, SureColor R5000 - 64" RESIN, SureColor R5000L - 64" RESIN, SureColor F3000 - DTG,


The waste bottle collects excess ink and other fluids which results from printing and cleaning processes. One or two bottles are supplied with each printer and are reusable. Additional and/or replacement bottles can be ordered if bottles becomes damaged or soiled.

Notes on Usage:
It is important that ink types not be mixed and ink is not be mixed with other fluids including optimiser, pre-treatment liquid and the like. Waste should be disposed of responsibly and Epson strongly recommends recycling. Recycling containers suitable for Aqueous, Solvent, Dye Sub, UV and DTG ink and other fluids are available from Epson – please see 10CUBE-A please see 25CUBE-N