Epson Versatile Paper Singleweight Matte 44" Roll Media

Epson Versatile Paper Singleweight Matte 44
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Product Code: S041855
(Epson Global Code: C13S041855)
Media Type: Roll
Display / Usage Category: Singleweight / Presentation & Display
DS Transfer Hard Surface / Signage & Display
Media Size: 44" (1118mm x 40m)
Media Weight: 115g/m²
Media Format:... Roll
Thickness: 0.14mm, 6mil
Base: Paper
Finish: Matte
ISO Brightness: 0.89
Opacity: 0.95
Core Size: 2"
Printable Surface: Single Sided
Ink Compatibility: Aqueous Dye & Pigment, Dye Sublimation
Qty per Pack: 1 roll
Suits Products: Stylus Pro 10000CF, Stylus Pro 9500, Stylus Pro 9800 - 44" A0, Stylus Pro 9400 - 44" A0, Stylus Pro 11880 - 64", Stylus Pro 9880 - 44" B0+, Stylus Pro 9450 - 44" B0, Stylus Pro 9900 - 44", Stylus Pro 9700 - 44" B0+, Stylus Pro 9890 - 44", SureColor T7000 - 44", SureColor F6000 - 44", SureColor T7200D - 44", SureColor T7200 - 44", SureColor P10070 - 44", SureColor P20070 - 64", SureColor F9200 - 64", SureColor P9070 - 44", SureColor P8070 - 44", SureColor F7200 - 64", SureColor F6200 - 44", SureColor F9360 - 64", SureColor P9560 - 44", Stylus Pro 10600CF, Stylus Pro 10600UC,


This quality media is designed for a wide range of applications including promotional pieces, fine art, photographs, professional layouts, courtroom graphics, engineering diagrams, proofs, displays and posters. It has been optimised for Epson UltraChrome aqueous Ink (both dye and pigment) to enable images with sharp detail and high colour saturation. It features a flat matte finish, is quick drying and can be laminated.

The media also works extremely well with UltraChrome DS ink for Dye Sublimation applications involving hard surface materials such as ChromaLuxe™. Whether you are producing signage and decor, photography and fine art, it enables imaging with enhanced resolution, a superior gamut, and reduced grain. It’s structure facilitates precise dot placement with quick drying, and transfer with minimal speckling.