ELPSC21B 80" Portable Tripod Screen

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Product Code: V12H002S2Y
(Epson Global Code: V12H002S2Y)
Suits Products: Epson EMP-500, Epson EMP-505, Epson EMP-5350, Epson EMP-70, Epson EMP-703, Epson EMP-710, Epson EMP-730, Epson EMP-7250, Epson EMP-700, Epson EMP-715, Epson EMP-50, Epson EMP-800, Epson EMP-810, Epson EMP-TW100, Epson EMP-720, Epson EMP-71, Epson EMP-51, Epson EMP-820, Epson EMP-811, Epson EMP-735, Epson EMP-73, Epson EMP-52, Epson EMP-TW10, Epson EMP-S1, Epson EMP-74, Epson EMP-TW200, Epson EMP-TW500, Epson EMP-835, Epson EMP-830, Epson EMP-81, Epson EMP-745, Epson EMP-740, Epson EMP-S1H, Epson EMP-TW10H, Epson EMP-821, Epson EMP-TW200H, Epson EMP-82, Epson EMP-X3, Epson EMP-S3, Epson EMP-TW20, Epson EMP-TWD1, Epson EMP-732, Epson EMP-TW600, Epson EMP-765, Epson EMP-760, Epson EMP-750, Epson EMP-S3L, Epson EMP-S4, Epson EMP-1715, Epson EMP-1710, Epson EMP-1700, Epson EMP-1810, Epson EMP-1815, Epson EMP-TW700, Epson EMP-TW1000, Epson EMP-S5, Epson EMP-X5, Epson EMP-83, Epson EMP-822, Epson EMP-DM1, Epson EMP-TW2000, Epson EB-1725, Epson EB-1723, Epson EB-1735W, Epson EB-G5100, Epson EMP-1825, Epson EB-S6, Epson EB-X6, Epson EB-W6, Epson EB-G5350, Epson EH-TW3000, Epson EH-TW4000, Epson EH-TW5000, Epson EB-85, Epson EB-826W, Epson EB-825, Epson EB-G5200W, Epson EH-DM2, Epson EMP-83H, Epson EMP-822H, Epson EMP-X56, Epson EB-S8, Epson EB-W8, Epson EB-X8, Epson EB-1915, Epson EB-1925W, Epson EB-1910, Epson EH-DM3, Epson EB-824, Epson EB-1900, Epson EB-S7, Epson EH-TW450, Epson EH-TW3500, Epson EH-TW4500, Epson EH-TW5500, Epson EB-1830, Epson EB-85H, Epson EB-824H, Epson EB-825H, Epson EB-826WH, Epson EB-1760W, Epson EB-1770W, Epson EB-1775W, Epson EB-W10, Epson EB-X10, Epson EB-S10, Epson EB-1750, Epson EH-TW3600, Epson EB-W9, Epson EB-S9, Epson EH-TW8000, Epson EB-1860, Epson EH-TW3200, Epson EH-TW6000, Epson EH-TW5900, Epson EB-1850W, Epson EH-TW9000W, Epson EB-W12, Epson EB-S12, Epson EB-W110, Epson EB-W02, Epson EB-X02, Epson EB-S110, Epson EB-X14, Epson EB-X11, Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD, Epson EH-TW6000W, Epson EB-1880, Epson EB-1965, Epson EB-1945W, Epson EB-1960, Epson EB-1940W, Epson EH-TW480, Epson EB-1776W, Epson EB-1771W, Epson EB-1761W, Epson EB-1751, Epson EH-LS10000, Epson EB-1955, Epson EB-1950, Epson EH-TW550, Epson EH-TW6100, Epson EH-TW6100W, Epson EB-X15, Epson EH-TW8100, Epson EH-TW9100, Epson EH-TW9100W, Epson EB-W03, Epson EB-W120, Epson EB-X03, Epson EB-X120, Epson EB-S120, Epson EH-TW5200, Epson EB-935W, Epson EB-X21, Epson EB-945, Epson EB-955W, Epson EB-965, Epson EH-TW8200, Epson EH-TW9200, Epson EH-TW9200W, Epson EB-1985WU, Epson EB-1980WU, Epson EB-1975W, Epson EB-1970W, Epson EH-TW6600, Epson EH-TW6600W, Epson EH-TW570, Epson EH-TW9300, Epson EH-TW9300W, Epson EH-TW8300, Epson EB-S31, Epson EB-W32, Epson EB-1785W, Epson EB-1781W, Epson EB-1780W, EB-1795F, Epson EH-TW6800, Epson EH-TW6700, Epson EB-2265U, Epson EB-2245U, Epson EB-2165W, Epson EB-2155W, Epson EB-2055, Epson EH-TW6700W, EB-970, EB-980W, EB-990U, Epson EB-2250U, Epson EH-LS10500, EB-2247U, Epson EB-L610U, Epson EB-L615U, Epson EB-L510U, Epson EB-L610W, EH-TW9400, EH-TW9400W, EH-TW8400,


80" widescreen, portable floor standing tripod screen. Unique mechanism making it more compact and highly portable. Approx 1m long when packed in bag with convenient shoulder bag included. Epson brand screen so you know the quality is fantastic!