ELPIU01 Interactive Unit

ELPIU01 Interactive Unit

Product Code: V12H415020
(Epson Global Code: V12H415020)
Suits Products: Epson EB-G5750WUNL, Epson EB-G5450WU, Epson EB-G5650WNL, Epson EB-G5950NL, Epson EB-G5600NL, Epson EB-G5800, Epson EB-905, Epson EB-915W, Epson EB-925, Epson EB-1860, Epson EB-1850W, Epson EB-W12, Epson EB-S12, Epson EB-W110, Epson EB-S110, Epson EB-X14, Epson EB-X11, Epson EB-1880, Epson EB-1965, Epson EB-1945W, Epson EB-1960, Epson EB-1940W, Epson EB-1776W, Epson EB-1771W, Epson EB-1761W, Epson EB-1751, Epson EB-1955, Epson EB-1950, Epson EB-X15,


Want to make your existing projector* interactive?
Now you can, with the ELP-IU01 Interactive unit

Already have a projector?
No problem. This unit works with existing, installed projectors*.

You have a limited budget?
No problem. This is an affordable interactive solution and easy to install.

* Works with most Epson mid-long throw projectors.

Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson ELP-IU01 Interactive Unit. This unique product enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education or Business creativity tool.


  • Turn any hard flat surface into an interactive environment – Compatible with virtually any projector*. Upgrade existing technology infrastructure into the latest in interactivity!
  • Large interactive image area – Up to 102” (4:3 aspect ratio), Up to 96” (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Simple installation with USB connectivity – Power is supplied via USB making installation a breeze
  • Two interactive pens included – Keep one as a spare, or share between multiple users
  • Light weight – At only 2.3kg, the ELP-IU01 can be installed on almost any type of wall
  • Windows and Mac Compatible

* Suitable for use with standard throw projectors only

Stylish and modern in design, the ELP-IU01 is designed to accompany existing technology infrastructure, creating a fully interactive teaching / work environment. The ELP-IU01 is the ideal solution for schools and businesses seeking to enter the world of interactivity on a budget, or for those looking to trial interactivity before deciding on a broad interactive infrastructure investment.

For more information go to http://www.epson.com.au