Replacement SureColor-S/F Flushing Pads

Replacement SureColor-S/F Flushing Pads
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Product Code: C13S090014
(Epson Global Code: C13S090014)
Suits Products: SureColor S30600 - 64", SureColor S70600 - 64", SureColor S50600 - 64",


Over time SureColor print heads can develop a build-up of ink that prevents the nozzles firing correctly. Printers incorporate a self-management system that periodically flushes the head to remove the build-up. These pads soak up the ejected ink and need to be regularly replaced. Each pack includes 4 pads.

Notes: Pads are also incorporated as part of the printer maintenance kits C12C890611 & C13T724200. Additional manual cleaning of the print head is required on a regular basis - please see C13S090012 & C13S00913 for appropriate tools.