DTG Manual Tube Cleaning Kit

DTG Manual Tube Cleaning Kit
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Product Code: C13T736300
(Epson Global Code: C13T736300)
Suits Products: SureColor F2000 - DTG,


The F2000 has been designed to provide superior imaging quality with simple operation and easy maintenance. It features automatic self-cleaning of the print head and ink lines.

This kit has been designed for customers who wish to reduce the ink wastage associated with automatic line cleaning. It requires the loading of new firmware and implementation of a manual cleaning process using the items included in this kit. The kit consists of two Droppers, a plastic cup, three 150ml bottles of Tube Cleaning Liquid, ten wipes and ten sets of plastic gloves.

IMPORTANT: The manual cleaning process must be undertaken DAILY per the instructions included in the kit. It must be done in ADDITION to the normal periodic maintenance using the standard kit (C13T736200) and care must be taken not to confuse the cleaning fluids in each kit. Incorrect use of the two fluids can CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE PRINTER and void warranty.