Epson ColorFast 500ml Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge

Epson ColorFast 500ml Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge

Product Code: T5120
(Epson Global Code: C13T512011)
Suits Products: Stylus Pro 10000CF, Stylus Pro 10600 - 44" A0, Stylus Pro 10600CF,


Epson Colorfast Ink is a 6-colour ink system that has the highest rated lightfastness of any of the Epson professional pigment ink. Prints can last over 100 years on certain Epson media under glass. Archival Ink uses super-penetrating black and colour pigments that have been micro encapsulated in an acrylic resin designed to bond perfectly to a variety of media finishes. Its wide colour gamut, instant drying capability, and guaranteed compatibility distinguishes it as the right choice for quality and extended longevity

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