Network Interface Panel

Network Interface Panel
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Product Code: B12B808411
(Epson Global Code: B12B808411)
Suits Products: WorkForce DS-70000, WorkForce DS-7500


When used in conjunction with WorkForce® DS-70000 and DS-7500 document scanners, the EPSON Network Scan Module takes the place of your scanner’s control panel. By removing a few screws, using the included screwdriver, the front control panel is unlocked on your scanner, and replace it with the Module.

Now, the scanner has the capability to scan to, and be controlled by, any PC that’s within the same sub-network and has Document Capture Pro software installed. Document Capture Pro comes standard with the EPSON WorkForce® DS-70000 and DS-7500.

Easy setup and operation

Connected to the Epson scanner, the Network Scan Module queries the sub-network. The LCD then displays a list of all available PCs that have Document Capture Pro installed (up to 100). Selecting the desired PC will display the job list available in Document Capture Pro.

Select and modify the job, then load the documents and press the Scan button. The documents are scanned, stored or sent according to the job parameters. The EPSON Network Scan Module features one ‘Scan’ button and a convenient LCD, which enables the user to select from many setting options.


  • Scan to any PC in your workgroup without having to use the PC to control your scanner
  • Scan directly to popular cloud services
  • Works with the EPSON WorkForce® DS-7500, and DS-70000 document scanners
  • Select from 30 user-definable scan job settings, with variables including:
    - Source (Automatic Document Feeder or flatbed)
    - Document size (standard sizes/custom sizes/auto)
    - Image type (black-and-white/grayscale/color/auto)
    - Image rotation
    - Resolution (from 50 dpi up to the maximum dpi of the scanner)
  • Output settings
    - Save-to folder
    - Job separation (a stack of documents can be saved as multiple pdf files by inserting a blank page between each document in the stack or a bar-coded page separator)
    - File type (pdf, pdf-a, searchable pdf, jpg, BMP [Windows only], tiff, multi-tiff, PICT [Mac only] ) and variables associated with each file type (compression settings, etc.)
  • Destination settings
    - Popular cloud services including SharePoint ®, Google Docs® and Evernote ® (each service has its own setup screen where you can add your account settings, destination folder, etc.)
    - E-mail (Document Capture Pro launches your e-mail client window with the attachment already in place, or send an e-mail to a pre defined address) FTP/Web folder
    - Printer
    - Any appropriate application (third-party document management software)