Extra Battery for P-2000/P-4500/P-3000/P-5000/P-6000/P-7000

Extra Battery for P-2000/P-4500/P-3000/P-5000/P-6000/P-7000
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Product Code: B32B818265
(Epson Global Code: B32B818265)
Suits Products: Epson P-2000, Epson P-3000, Epson P-4500, Epson P-5000, Epson P-6000, Epson P-7000


Extra batteries for your Epson Viewers products allow for longer usage when you are away from the mains power supply. Batteries can be easily changed in the field.

Lithium Ion Battery also give a longer battery life in a lighter package and can be charged as needed rather than Nickel-based batteries, that need to be fully discharged before charging.