How can you help take 78,000,000 kg4 of CO2 out of the atmosphere?

Replace the 300, 000 A3 Copiers sold in Australia2 over the past 5 years by a more energy-efficient Epson device3.
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Epson engaged a leading independent carbon and energy management consultancy, Pangolin Associates to provide guidance and confirmation with respect to Australian emission factors for National electricity network. Pangolin Associates is an energy and carbon management consultancy that works with organisations Australia-wide to increase efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts. Pangolin Associates is proud to be the first in its sector to become certified carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS), and a founding member of B Corp in Australia. Visit:

1Epson inkjet devices use up to 87% less energy and electricity compared with laser devices (comparing 49 different models in the Australian market as at 31 October 2018).

2Figures sourced from IDC data

3For colour devices WF-C869R for speeds up to and including 35ppm, WF-C17590 for speeds over 35ppm. Mono device is WF-M20590.

4Calculation averaged over top 10 selling A3 MFDs sold in Australia over the past 5 years