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How to choose the right school projectors in Australia

13 Jul,2018

There are myriad projectors available on the Australian market. Even here at Epson, we have nearly 30 variants available in our Education Projectors range (and that's only including recent models). So how is a school IT manager to choose?
Although budget will arguably be the most important factor, there are two additional decisions you need to make before buying new equipment: What size will it need to be, and what features should it have?

58 per cent of children can't read the information on a screen if it's 70 inches or less.

1. Size of screen and classroom

Did you know that 58 per cent of children in an average classroom can't read the information on a screen if it's 70 inches or less? This is according to a study by Radius Research, which highlights how important screen size is in the classroom.

When you are choosing a projector, you will need to balance size (of both the screen and room) with budget. Bigger is likely going to be better, but too big is unnecessary.
To find that middle ground, we advise using the 4/6/8 rule popular with AV specialists.

  • What is 4/6/8? In short, this is a way to compare room size to screen size. It helps you find the perfect balance based on the type of viewing a class is likely to be doing - essentially, your screen height should either be 1/4, 1/6 or 1/8 the distance to the furthest viewer. It's 1/4 for when you display technical details, 1/6 for presentations, and 1/8 for movie viewing.
  • Example: If the distance to your furthest student is 6 metres, and you are giving a basic presentation, your screen height should be 1 metre (that's around an 80-inch screen). If the classroom is bigger, the screen should be too. If students can shuffle closer, you can opt for a smaller screen.

2. What features do you want?

Australia is a nation with its finger on the pulse of modern technology, and the classroom should be no different. After all, we're trying to set children up with the skills for life, right?

School IT managers can add extra levels of technology engagement to the classroom with an interactive projector. You can wirelessly sync models like the EB-696Ui to multiple devices, including Chromebooks, allowing you to seamlessly share content from device to device. The EB-696Ui can also be used for kinaesthetic learning: kids can annotate the virtual screen with special pens, their fingers, or through their devices.

Of course, non-interactive projectors are also available at a lower price point and can still add a lot of wow factor to a classroom lesson. Epson's 3LCD display system is one of the the most advanced projector technologies on the Australian market, delivering bright, colourful images to schoolchildren even in daylight.

So ask yourself: Do you just need the power to display information quickly and visually, or do you want an upgrade that enables device sharing and interactivity?

To find out more, or to invest in your next school projectors, browse our range online today, or find your nearest Genuine Epson supplier

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