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Should my projector go on a shelf or the ceiling?

11 Jul,2018

If you shelf-mount your projector, you'll have lower installation costs and convenient access to power outlets. However, a ceiling-mounted projector at home keeps it out the way of people walking past, and allows you to install it closer to the screen.

A ceiling-mounted projector keeps it out the way of people walking past.

So what's the best answer to the ceiling versus shelf projector debate? Have a read of the pros and cons below and make that decision for yourself

1. Mounting on a shelf

Pro: Shelf-mounts save money (assuming you already have the shelf). A good ceiling mount could cost over $200, although there are benefits that of course we discuss below.

Pro: Shelves are easier to set up. Power outlets will be closer which means less cabling is required. They may also make maintenance easier, as it's quicker to get to and clean the projector, or replace the lamp.

Con: Ventilation can be an issue on inappropriate shelf mounts. Generally speaking, you'll want at least 20 centimetres between an obstruction and the projector's vent to help it keep cool, and this isn't always possible on a shelf.

Con: If you place the projector on a shelf, the image might be too high on the wall (especially if it's a high shelf). 'Vertical lens shift' solves this problem, and is available on most projector devices.

2. Mounting on the ceiling

Pro: You can install your projector a lot closer to the screen with a ceiling mount than a shelf at the back of the room. This is going to help get you the best-possible brightness from the unit.

Pro: Many users go for ceiling mounts because it keeps the projector out the way. If someone is using the unit, other people can freely walk behind without blocking the light.

Con: You'll need to cable along or inside the ceiling to power your projector, or connect it to an entertainment system. This adds an extra installation setup, although projectors like the Epson TW6700W come with a wireless transmitter that streams directly to the projector, eliminating this issue.

Con: On another installation note, if you aren't a confident DIYer, drilling holes in your roof may seem like a challenge - although it's not as hard as it looks if you watch the right tutorials. Of course, if you live in a rental property, drilling holes might not even be an option.


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