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Looking for cheap printers? Here's why you should think twice

07 Jun,2019

With such a huge variety to choose from and a seemingly never-ending selection of deals, it can be easy to gravitate towards the cheapest price tag.

Unfortunately, the low initial cost you’re paying upfront rarely turns into sustained cost savings. This basically means your cheap printers could end up costing you far more in the long run!

How is this possible? Let's take a look.

Cheap printers cost more in the long term

Walk into any store and you’ll see that the choice of printers and their deals are offered aggressively. Today, you can pick up a sleek modern looking machine for less than $30. 

So, how can these printers end up costing you more than the $200 models?

Why Do Cheap Printers Cost More in the long run

Often times, Ink cartridges for cheap printers can cost up to eight times more than the printer itself.

Invest in an Economic Printer

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A high quality economic printer might seem like a steep up-front expense, but it’s important to consider how much you'll save in the long run.

One of the best examples of long-term economic ink printers is the cartridge-free revolution spurred by Epson's EcoTank printer range. These printers scrap the expense of cartridges altogether and instead use special, low-cost refill bottles. 

This process is designed specifically to dramatically reduce the device's cost per page - a single EcoTank bottle is capable of printing up to 6,000 pages each, yet only costs around $18 - that's an 80 per cent saving compared to competing devices!

To put these cost savings into a bit more perspective let's look at the total cost of ownership between an EcoTank device and a competing laser printer.

To print 5,000 pages:

Laser toner cartridges – $50 to over $100
EcoTank ink bottle – RRP $18

The maths is clear – a cartridge-free printer reduces your bill by $30-$70 per ink change! Over your printer’s lifetime, this adds up to hundreds. Even thousands!

Epson EcoTank Printers

Epson EcoTank printers are the number one ink tank printers in Australia, and around the world. With more than 30 million sold globally they have proven reliability and performance quality.

Excitingly, this is a printer designed around cost efficiency for you the user.

  • As well as providing refillable ink bottles, capable of printing thousands of pages for under $20, the device also comes with up to two years of free ink included! 
  • EcoTank uses Epson's cutting edge micro piezo technology which creates high quality images at speed (50,000 ink droplets ejected every second to be exact). 
  • Epson EcoTank's permanent print head doesn't use heat or come in contact with media - so there is no wear and tear caused by friction over time. This makes the device highly reliable and durable. 

If you're looking for the most cost efficient printer on the market, check out the Epson's EcoTank range. They comes with high capacity refillable ink tanks that don't require cartridge changes at all. Additional ink can be purchased at a much lower cost than traditional cartridges and used to simply fill the ink tank system over and over again. Not only does this free you from the expense and waste of regularly exhausting whole cartridges, each EcoTank purchase comes complete with two whole years of ink supply.

To learn more about the EcoTank range or if you want to find the best ink cartridges for your printing needs. Browse our range online.

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